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Good thinking digital wellbeing service

Introducing Good Thinking: We are pleased to announce that the Good Thinking Digital Wellbeing Service is now live in beta phase. The service is directing adults in London towards self-care options around sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress.

Why did we choose digital?

We know that two million Londoners will experience mental ill health this year. We also know that 75% of Londoners with depression and anxiety do not receive any treatment at all.

In 2015, the London Health Board identified the need for a pan-London digital service. This was reiterated in Lord Darzi’s Better Health for London report. The development of Good Thinking has been overseen by the Mental Health Transformation Board.

Who is behind Good Thinking?

Good Thinking has been commissioned by all 32 London NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and a majority of London Borough Councils. The delivery of Good Thinking has been facilitated by Healthy London Partnership, NHS England and Public Health England. Good Thinking is supported by the Mayor of London.

What is Good Thinking?

Good Thinking is a quality-assured prevention and early-intervention digital wellbeing service that uses digital marketing to direct people who self-identify as having issues around sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress towards personalised digital interventions.

The Good Thinking service:

  • Uses digital interventions to provide preventative and personalised journeys to self-help and self-care.
  • Is available to people in London 24/7
  • Actively finds and guides those in need to clinically- and behaviourally-endorsed digital apps and other beneficial resources
  • Offers a wellbeing self-assessment to support the personalisation of self-care offerings
  • Has e-safety, safeguarding and clinical risk management at the core of the service, but in a non-intrusive way – with a focus on behavioural change and self-management
  • Is an example of exemplary user-centred co-design. Digital Listening and in-depth interviews with Londoners in over 23 boroughs were carried out during its development
  • Has the potential to improve the mental wellbeing of all Londoners, it could also reduce pressure on local services, saving London and health and care services money
  • Provides real-time data
  • Provides wellbeing at scale.

Our partners

Good Thinking is much more than a website. Our destination partnerships mean we are serving Londoners with top quality assessed interventions, such as Sleepio, thereby offering unlimited access to evidence-based self-managed CBT to the whole of London.

Mindwave Ventures are the design, development and live service providers. Fresh Egg are responsible for content strategy and digital marketing. Both these providers have put in place data protection and site security protocols.

The health and wellbeing apps are being endorsed against the NHS digital assessment criteria with the support of our expert partner, Our Mobile Health led by Julie Bretland, our Clinical Lead, Dr Richard Graham and Dr Amanda Bunten and the Public Health England Behavioural Insights Team.

Expert 24 have provided a bespoke self-assessment tool for Good Thinking users to learn more about their health and wellbeing.

A two-year academic evaluation is being undertaken by King’s College London (Health Service & Population Research), led by Dr Claire Henderson and her team, on the clinical, economic, behavioural and digital outcomes of the service.

How will we grow and improve the service?

Users can publicly feedback on the service: that’s Londoners telling Londoners what works for them and providing us with a constant feedback loop for service improvements.

Through Google Analytics we are able to follow journeys to and through the service. Through our partners we are able to see people’s progress through the intervention they choose.

Using browser location, we can provide hyper-local resources to users, as well as provide each borough will local service usage data.

Looking to the future

Good Thinking has the capacity to offer whole-population access to evidence-based self-managed digital interventions. Future planning and further development is now underway to expand the service to meet strategic priorities in London.

The development approach can be applied to extend the service to other regions and nationally, as well as for a range of other health issues, such as smoking and obesity. It could also be integrated within traditional health services, e.g. as a way to facilitate social prescribing in outpatient clinics.

Why not take a look at Good Thinking and let us know what you think at


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