More than a website

Good thinking is so much more than a website. Its goal is to find people who are looking for information about the four most common mental health concerns and give them advice they can trust and innovative approaches they can use on their personal journey, from feeling bad and not sure why, to doing the things that make those feelings better.

Online services and tools

In 2018-19 Good Thinking has partnered with Sleepio and Be Mindful to offer evidence-based, online self-managed cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) free to Londoners.

A symptom checker, self-assessment tool has been built into Good Thinking to help users learn more about their health and wellbeing and give them advice about how and where to get clinical assistance.

Assessing our resources

Health and wellbeing apps featured on Good Thinking are being endorsed for the NHS digital assessment criteria with the support of our Clinical Lead, Dr Richard Graham and Dr Amanda Bunten and the Public Health England Behavioural Insights Team.


A two-year academic evaluation is being undertaken by King’s College London (Health Service & Population Research), led by Dr Claire Henderson and her team, on the clinical, economic, behavioural and digital outcomes of the service.

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