Capital Nurse

Capital Nurse Programme

The Capital Nurse Programme was established in July 2015 as a programme of collective action to secure a sustainable Nursing Workforce for London. It is collaboration between Directors of Nursing and HR Directors from service providers, Health Education, NHS England, NHS Improvement, universities, education providers, CCGs, trade union and professional organisations.

Our goal is to ensure we get nursing staffing right for London, the right people, in the right numbers, to become nurses with the right skills, in the right places wherever it is needed. Through our work together we want to make sure that patients, service users and all those using health care in the capital always receive the same level of high quality care experience. Working with the Sustainability and Transformation Groups and their Local Workforce Action Boards we want to build stronger structures and processes within and across different employers in health and care. This would mean that nurse training programmes, jobs and ongoing career development opportunities on offer throughout London are attractive and encourage people to choose London as the place to train to be a nurse, and then mean they want to continue to work in the capital for as long as possible.

The programme has four initial work streams, each with specific objectives:

  • Training - attracting people to train to be nurses in London
  • Recruitment - particularly ensuring the Employment of newly registered nurses
  • Retention - encouraging the adoption of ‘nurse friendly’ employment career progression
  • Productivity - making best use of our resources through minimising the use of expensive agency staff

We believe that Capital Nurse has potential to be the workforce transformation programme for nursing across London, designed and led by London’s nurse leaders working collectively, and a model which can base shared across other parts of the country and different staff groups.



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London conference for nurses

The Capital Nurse programme held an event on Thursday, 3 November to showcase their work to date and plans going forward: 'Capital Nurse Conference - Connecting Nurses and Celebrating Nursing in London.'  This event proved to be a great success with speakers including Oliver Shanley incoming London Regional Chief Nurse at NHS England/NHS Improvement and Bernell Bussue London Director of RCN.  A second conference is being planned and more information regarding Capital Nurse Conference - 'Connecting Nurses and Celebrating Nursing in London II' will be available via this website from January 2017.

For more information about the event, visit Health Education England's website.