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Peer education project

21st October 2019

The Peer Education Project (Mental Health Foundation) provides a 5 session syllabus to all Year 7 pupils delivered by 6th form peers. It is based on the principle that young people are more likely to listen and respond to older peers than to adults. It is usually delivered through the PSHE programme but has also […]

A school governor’s view on mental health in schools

23rd May 2019

Sharon Long, a school governor in Lewisham, talks about the importance of London-wide approach to delivering early intervention to support staff in schools and colleges. We all know the impact of mental health on children, young people and families, in London, 9% of 5-19-year olds have a mental health disorder. In schools, this manifests in many […]

Schools mental health toolkit

10th October 2018

Welcome to the Mental Health in Schools Toolkit. It has been developed in partnership with the Greater London Authority. Supporting children with their emotional wellbeing and mental health is a growing priority for health services and for schools. We encourage school leaders and staff, health care professionals and commissioners to use the toolkit for a […]


20th October 2017

Schools play a major role in ensuring a safe environment for children and young people with asthma. This section includes guidance and practical resources to support teachers and school nurses to care for children with asthma. Explore the toolkit… For more information about the asthma toolkit, or to provide feedback or examples of best practice, […]

Additional resources and interventions

21st October 2016

This section has information and links for additional early intervention programmes that are closely linked to emotional wellbeing and mental health. Each of these interventions has been evaluated and been rated (1-5) by the Early Intervention Foundation as follows: Evidence rating: Higher ratings are where the research evidence is strongest. A low rating does not […]

Training resources compendium

21st October 2016

An overview of training resources and additional opportunities available to the mental health system in London relating to children and young people’s mental health. The aim of this compendium is to provide an overview of available training resources and opportunities relating to children and young people’s mental health on offer to the mental health system in […]

Mental health and resilience in schools framework – Islington

21st October 2015

iMHARS – Islington Mental Health and Resilience in Schools Islington has developed a framework to support schools’ thinking in relation to mental health and resilience: iMHARS (Islington mental health and resilience in schools).  www.islingtoncs.org/imhars   iMHARS describes a whole-school approach to mental health and resilience. The iMHARS framework helps schools to understand the seven aspects (components) […]

Mental health and autism training for schools

21st October 2015

Meeting the mental health needs of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder – a collaboration between health and education Mental health problems occur at far higher rates in young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and cause substantial impairment, impacting on both an individual’s and family’s quality of life (van Steensel et al, […]

Voluntary agency supporting schools – Bromley Y

21st October 2015

Bromley Y has been commissioned by Public Health to provide a consultation service to all schools in Bromley and this has been taken up by the great majority in the Borough. Bromley Y is a long established local charity offering free therapeutic support to young people between the ages of 0 – 18 years. For […]