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[VIDEO] Social Prescribing videos

1st May 2018

The East Merton Social Prescribing Project: The Patients’ Story (2018) This power of Social Prescribing is brought to life in this film and portrays several patients’ stories about their different experiences, the support they received, the impact it has had on their health and wellbeing, and how it has improved their connectedness to the local […]

The Crawley Social Prescribing Project

26th April 2018

People are living longer and as they get older, developing long term health conditions. Health can be affected by a wide range of factors including employment, housing, debt, social isolation and culture. ▶ Watch our short films about the Crawley Social Prescribing Pilot Project Social prescribing gives the NHS and local authorities an opportunity to help […]

London social prescribing dashboard

15th November 2017

Our interactive dashboard shows the potential cost benefits for social prescribing and expert patient programmes in London.  These are localised population health analysis tools, including heat maps, developed to support planning and implementation of social prescribing in London. Use the tools to explore potential savings created by using social prescribing initiatives. Go to the online […]

Steps towards implementing self-care

26th October 2017

This is a practical guide to implementing self-care. It aims to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to work closely with appropriate local partners to increase the number of people who care for themselves effectively. London has committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of its citizens. This includes helping people look after their own health better, and making it […]

[VIDEO] How to provide social prescribing services

26th October 2017

A visual guide to social prescribing designed to help local commissioners take the first steps towards implementing social prescribing locally. This animation draws on what we have learned so far and from the best available evidence to support local implementation.  This guide has been co-produced with experts by experience from NHS North West London Collaboration of […]

Personalisation and self-care case for change

26th October 2017

This report outlines the case for change for increasing personalisation of London’s health and care and encouraging more self-care.  Poor citizen experience and outcomes,  growing demand from an ageing population, more people with one or more long-term conditions, fragmented and unsustainable models of care and an unprecedented financial challenge are all reasons underpinning why the health […]

Social prescribing: Steps towards implementing self care

5th January 2017

A guide to implementing social prescribing in London. It is designed for commissioners and local leaders and offers practical advice on how to take the first steps toward local social prescribing. It draws on learning and inspiration from London’s early adopters and innovators, including Bromley-by-Bow, Rotherham, Bristol, City & Hackney. 

A week in my shoes

14th December 2016

Jonathan Pam writes about his experience of Healthy Living Week. Follow me on a little journey… Imagine, if you will — a bearded guy sat on a smoothie bike peddling as hard as he can in order to make a smoothie drink to give to a little old lady visiting her son at a South London hospital. […]

Let Healthy Living Week be the beginning of better workplace health

26th September 2016

Sarah Price, Chief Officer at NHS Haringey CCG, writes about why she wants Healthy Living Week to be the beginning of better workplace health in the NHS. We’re really excited about Healthy Living Week in my CCG. We’ve got lots of fun activities and events planned during the week for our staff — and our hope is that we […]