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GP extended access services: communications toolkit

12th December 2017

Materials to support a public marketing campaign about extended access services in London.  The marketing mix will include digital, radio and print advertising across London and is part of the Stay Well This Winter campaign. There are many ways practices can make sure their patients know about and use extended access services. It is important that […]

Stay well London – London Extended GP Access Service: Frequently asked questions

8th December 2017

Frequently asked questions and answers about London’s urgent, emergency and primary care services. During winter 2017/18, we are running a campaign aimed at NHS staff, giving them simple messages that they can share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. These frequently asked questions are for our staff to use to help them feel confident […]

Primary care mental health services – literature review and scoping report

30th November 2017

London CCGs are at various stages of developing and rolling out mental healthcare models in primary care.  This literature review and scoping report has been completed to compare current developments in primary care mental health models across the capital.  The scoping exercise has identified many new initiatives where specialist and primary care staff are working together with community-based […]

Provider maturity model

26th October 2017

The provider maturity model is a development tool that was designed with primary care providers across London to support the development of at scale organisations. It is a flexible model, built on the premise that there is no single definitive development journey for a primary care provider and that context, local needs and priorities will […]

Provider development support kit

26th October 2017

This kit aims to support provider organisations to develop and understand their requirements to grow in maturity and readiness. The way general practice services are provided is changing, becoming more centred on users’ needs, more accessible both by traditional and innovative routes, and more proactive in preventing illness and supporting health. General practice will need […]

Transforming primary care in London: a strategic commissioning framework

26th October 2017

This Strategic Commissioning Framework for Primary Care Transformation in London represents a platform where clinicians, commissioners, and other stakeholders can build on the work done to date and find solutions to the challenges for general practice; supporting the healthcare community to make care better for all Londoners. The NHS is unique because of its system […]

Implementing workforce change to deliver future primary care services

3rd August 2017

Our event on Wednesday 2 August 2017 explored what delivering future primary care services means for your London practice. We heard from those already working in new ways and learned how to understand tools and techniques to support your practices in integrating new roles. This free event focused on bringing practice teams, commissioners and other key stakeholders together from across […]

Common paediatric conditions: primary care e-learning

27th February 2017

Free online e-learning resources are available for primary care teams. All items listed are online modules unless otherwise specified. Resources are listed according to the Royal College of General Practice’s curriculum for children and young people.  Please share this information with your colleagues. If there are resources you think should be included on this list please get […]

London good practice screening guide: breast, cervical and bowel

30th September 2016

This good practice guide to cancer screening in London provides primary care with a practical how-to guide of evidence-based recommendations representing the current best practice in cancer screening. For most CCGs, cancer remains the largest single cause of premature death. Cancer screening is important in preventing and detecting cancer. It offers a significant opportunity to diagnose more cancers earlier, […]

Primary care children and young people’s toolkit

9th April 2015

Welcome to our toolkit created to support London’s primary and community care providers in improving children and young people’s care. While it has been designed for London’s NHS staff, we think it will be of interest to all involved with caring for children and young people. It will continue to be updated. If you have […]