Tag: Pollution

Air Quality as an asthma trigger

12th August 2019

London suffers from high levels of air pollution traffic in a similar way to most UK cities, but the sheer size of the city, along with a dense road network and high buildings, means that central London tends to be one of the most polluted places in the UK. Air pollution acts as a trigger […]

More must be done to clean up London’s toxic air

21st September 2017

Professionals and patients must keep up the pressure on policy makers and government to reduce emissions, writes Dr Jonathan Grigg As a hospital-based respiratory pediatrician, I look after children living in the East End of London with the most difficult to treat asthma. There is overwhelming evidence that exposure to fossil-fuel emissions causes asthma and […]

Toolkit for NHS trusts: supporting the NHS to reduce its impact on air pollution

23rd August 2017

Case studies and examples to support trusts to reduce their impact on air pollution. London suffers from high levels of air pollution. Air pollution acts as a trigger for many children and young people with asthma, contributing to ED and intensive care admissions, and possibly some asthma deaths. To provide support for this, we have […]