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Best practice toolkit for providing family planning advice to women with a mental illness

29th May 2019

This toolkit is designed to offer advice to doctors and informs the multi-disciplinary team of best practice in providing preconception/family planning advice to women with a mental illness. The document contains both information and resources and also recommendations that shift the clinical approach towards a collaborative model of care, using a strengths-based formulation. Pre-conception advice […]

Services for perinatal mental health problems are now available across all of London

28th February 2019

Expectant and new mums across London set to benefit by £6m extra investment in mental health care Becoming a mum can be one of the most exciting and daunting experiences in a women’s life. The time between conceiving a baby until the baby’s first birthday, known as the perinatal period, is one often filled with […]

Guidance for pre-birth planning in Perinatal Mental Health Services

30th January 2019

This toolkit provides guidance for health care professionals involved in planning the care of women at high risk of severe postnatal illness. A pre-birth planning meeting is key to ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of the care the woman will receive in the weeks surrounding the birth of her baby, so everyone knows what to […]

London Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Services

28th January 2019

An information sheet for helping you find your local London Community Perinatal Mental Health Service. The perinatal period is usually defined as the time between conceiving a baby until the end of the first postnatal year. 1 in every 5 women experience mental health problems during this time, making this a relatively common experience. It is […]

Tokophobia: best practice toolkit

30th January 2018

The pan-London perinatal mental health network’s fear of childbirth (Tokophobia) and traumatic experience of childbirth best practice toolkit. This toolkit offers best practice guidance about identifying and treating tokophobia. It draws on the current evidence and recommendations of a group of experts in the field. We would like to thank all the many people who […]

Perinatal patient leaflet for London IAPT services

26th October 2017

This information sheet is for pregnant women and new parents about support that psychological therapy services (IAPT) can offer. It has been sent to London GPs, midwives, children’s centres and health visitors to share with anyone who may need emotional support. It was developed in collaboration with the London IAPT leads and the London Perinatal Mental Health […]

Perinatal mental health services for London

26th October 2017

This guide has been developed to help commissioners understand the complexity of the perinatal mental health pathway. It outlines the necessary components of the perinatal mental health pathway according to how they are accessed and commissioned. The guide highlights key priorities for commissioning perinatal mental health services based on existing national standards and takes account of London’s unique challenges and demographics. It has […]