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Mother and baby units in London

11th August 2022

Mother and baby units (MBUs) provide specialist care and treatment when a mother is suffering from a mental illness and needs an admission to hospital. These services allow for the mother and her baby to remain together, supporting their attachment and bonding, while the mother receives the care and treatment she needs to recover from […]

Best practice toolkit for providing family planning advice to women with a mental illness

29th May 2019

This toolkit is designed to offer advice to doctors and informs the multi-disciplinary team of best practice in providing preconception/family planning advice to women with a mental illness. The document contains both information and resources and also recommendations that shift the clinical approach towards a collaborative model of care, using a strengths-based formulation. Pre-conception advice […]

#MindNBody – co-designing perinatal mental health services

14th March 2019

A holistic approach to perinatal mental health In the third series of #MatExp Whose Shoes?® resources, the #MindNBody project has focused on promoting a holistic approach to perinatal mental health. The culmination of this latest project is the publication of over 100 new scenarios and 14 poems which are now available in 50 NHS trusts […]

Services for perinatal mental health problems are now available across all of London

28th February 2019

Expectant and new mums across London set to benefit by £6m extra investment in mental health care Becoming a mum can be one of the most exciting and daunting experiences in a women’s life. The time between conceiving a baby until the baby’s first birthday, known as the perinatal period, is one often filled with […]

Guidance for pre-birth planning in Perinatal Mental Health Services

30th January 2019

This toolkit provides guidance for health care professionals involved in planning the care of women at high risk of severe postnatal illness. A pre-birth planning meeting is key to ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of the care the woman will receive in the weeks surrounding the birth of her baby, so everyone knows what to […]

London Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Services

28th January 2019

An information sheet for helping you find your local London Community Perinatal Mental Health Service. The perinatal period is usually defined as the time between conceiving a baby until the end of the first postnatal year. 1 in every 5 women experience mental health problems during this time, making this a relatively common experience. It is […]

Helping pregnant women and new mums get emotional support

12th May 2017

We have produced new material to raise awareness of the free, confidential support available to pregnant women and new parents who are struggling emotionally. As many as one in five women experience mental health problems during pregnancy and in the first year after their baby’s birth. Improving access to psychological therapy (IAPT ) services give […]

More than just the ‘baby blues’

14th March 2017

Dr Liz McDonald, Chair of the London Perinatal Mental Health Network, explains why London CCGs need to ensure high quality and timely mental health services are available for pregnant women and new mothers. As a perinatal consultant psychiatrist for over 30 years, I have seen first-hand just how many women struggle with mental health problems […]

Mental health workforce modelling

7th December 2016

These tools have been developed in partnership with our mental health programme to baseline current and future mental health care workforce needs, and test the impacts of different strategies locally before implementing them.  Two Microsoft Excel-based models have been developed for mental health. These cover perinatal mental health services and early interventions in psychosis. These were designed to support […]

Keeping Mum

10th October 2016

Mum of two Emma Fox explains why she’s so passionate about ensuring pregnant women and new mothers have access to high quality and timely mental health services. I was diagnosed with bipolar in my early twenties. I’ve worked hard, with the support of many services, to understand my condition and gain stability in my life. I knew […]