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Keeping young Londoners out of hospital

4th July 2017

On 22 June, over 110 people from across London’s NHS joined in our efforts to develop suitable care for children and young people that keeps them out of hospital. Children should only be admitted to hospital when it is absolutely necessary.  Hospital stays can be distressing, lead to classes missed at school and can have […]

Hospital at home: Whittington

6th November 2016

Started: 2014 Region: Islington CCG, North Central London Geography: Urban Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: 40,500 Background 8 months of planning prior to opening service Commissioners of local CCG involved from start of planning phase Aims To reduce LoS of admissions to Whittington Hospital Target patient groups Acutely unwell CYP (respiratory is the main referral) […]

Acute care pathways

6th November 2016

West Sussex children and young people care network acute care pathways Started: October 2013 Region: North West England – Cheshire & Merseyside Geography: Urban Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: 48,800 Background Warrington consistently has non-elective admission rates which are higher than the national average. Warrington has a higher expenditure on trauma and injury admissions compared with […]

Hospital at home: Walsall

6th November 2016

Walsall Paediatric Hospital at Home Service, ‘Building Better Health’  Started: 2008 Region: Walsall Geography: Urban Background Reconfiguration of local hospital services, with need to reduce in-hospital paediatric beds from 36 to 21 prior to the move Aims Reduce the need for in-hospital paediatric beds Eliminate unnecessary admissions to hospital if care can be provided at […]

Integrated community virtual ward

6th November 2016

The Bridge: An integrated community virtual ward for children with complex needs  Started: 2014 Region: Tower Hamlets, North East London Geography: Urban Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: 90,000 Background The Bridge began as a pilot project at Barts Health NHS Trust under the Darzi Fellowship scheme and ran from March 2014 until July 2014. It was […]

Senior telephone advice

6th November 2016

Nottingham Children’s Hospital senior telephone advice Started: Formally in September 2015, Pilots and partial implementation from 2012/2013 Region: East Midlands – Nottingham City and South Nottinghamshire Geography: Mixed Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: Nottingham City 59,000, South Nottinghamshire 102,000 Background A project team working on improving the pathway for emergency medical admissions identified that when […]

Reducing avoidable admissions

6th November 2016

Taunton: Reducing avoidable admissions Region: Plymouth Geography: Rural Background 20% year on year increases in referral rate To improve integration with primary care Target patient groups 0-18 year The service model Reducing avoidable admissions centred around three main strategies: 1. Putting expertise at front end of pathway e.g. senior on admission phone, consultants on shop […]

Seven-day community children’s nurse

6th November 2016

South Tyneside Community Children’s Nursing Team, seven-day community children’s nurse Started: 1998 Region: South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn, Cleadon and Whitburn Geography: Coastal region mainly urban Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: 0 -15 population is 26,385 Background Service is to provide nursing care, education, support and liaison for population of South Tyneside. The aim is to […]

South Staffordshire Service

6th November 2016

The South Staffordshire Service Region: South Staffordshire, Burton, East Staffordshire, including Uttoxeter. Also just across the County border, if registered with GP practices in South Derbyshire. Geography: Urban and rural Background / Motivation GPs who wanted to reduce hospital admissions Aims Hospital avoidance Care close to home Early hospital discharge Target patient groups Referrals are […]

Children’s walk-in centre

6th November 2016

Smithdown Children’s Walk-in Centre, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust  Started: 2005 Region: Liverpool Merseyside Geography: Urban Background Developed through a redesign of the Minor Injuries Unit that had been built due to the impact of the closure of Myrtle street Children’s hospital and the need for a service near to an area of high deprivation. […]