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All Londoners have the right to a healthy mouth

31st May 2018

Poor access to dental services has a significant impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness. Poor oral health commonly causes pain and suffering; dental pain can have a negative impact on mental and physical health and in some cases can cause people to use alcohol or drugs to control their pain. We have produced […]

Healthy mouths posters and guidance

31st May 2018

A poster and guidance to help people who are homeless in London get easier access to a dentist. The poster has been designed to be displayed at homeless services. The guidance explains the types of services available, how to access them and how if you are working with people who are homeless you can lead […]

Screening and interventions

5th March 2016

This page offers ideas and tools to help you using screening and interventions to prevent poor physical health for people who have serious mental illness. Undertaking early physical health screening of people living with serious mental illness (SMI) can result in the early detection and prompt treatment of medical conditions that could otherwise go undiagnosed. […]