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Transforming mental health in London: annual report

30th April 2018

A report of the activity conducted by Healthy London Partnership and London Clinical Networks in 2017/18 to improve mental healthcare in London as part of the Mental Health Transformation Board.  It includes: Crisis care Effective diagnosis, treatment and care for people living with dementia Improving access to psychological therapies Improving delays in transfer of care […]

Stolen years online resources

24th April 2018

Use our information, tools and resources to plan and implement changes to local healthcare to support the needs of people who are experiencing serious mental illness (SMI).

Mental health discharge top tips

8th February 2018

A presentation offering 10 top tips for reducing delays in mental health trust discharge in London. These top tips originated from the ‘Pan-London Reducing delays in Mental Health Trust Discharges Workshop’, attended by more than 90 colleagues from across the mental health system in May 2017. Delegates represented clinical commissioning groups, local authorities, London ADASS, Mental […]

Tokophobia: best practice toolkit

30th January 2018

The pan-London perinatal mental health network’s fear of childbirth (Tokophobia) and traumatic experience of childbirth best practice toolkit. This toolkit offers best practice guidance about identifying and treating tokophobia. It draws on the current evidence and recommendations of a group of experts in the field. We would like to thank all the many people who […]

SLaM’s centralised health-based place of safety evaluation 2017

7th December 2017

An evaluation of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s centralised health-based place of safety. This report outlines evaluation findings of the new centralised health-based place of safety service model at the Maudsley Hospital. The SLaM place of safety opened as a pilot in January 2017. The new model replaced four single-occupancy sites in Lambeth, […]

Primary care mental health services – literature review and scoping report

30th November 2017

London CCGs are at various stages of developing and rolling out mental healthcare models in primary care.  This literature review and scoping report has been completed to compare current developments in primary care mental health models across the capital.  The scoping exercise has identified many new initiatives where specialist and primary care staff are working together with community-based […]

London IAPT outcomes based payments: 13 Sept 2017 event

28th November 2017

Presentations and materials shared as part of a London IAPT outcomes based payments information event on 13 September 2017. Includes policy and payment approaches by Robert Finnin (MH Policy & Strategy Unit, NHS England) and Robert Melnitschuk (Pricing Team, Strategic Finance, NHS England) local implementation by Neil Turney, Croydon CCG, clustering and consistency by Debbie Taylor […]

London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems programme deliverables

28th November 2017

These documents are some of the London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems (MHICS) programme deliverables (links to documents are on the right hand side of the page). With NHS England (London) we commissioned a London Mental Health System Stocktake and Modelling report from NHS Benchmarking Network, reviewing the provision of inpatient mental health beds […]

Closing the mortality gap

26th October 2017

A guide to help support and inform commissioners to improve the physical health of individuals with serious mental illness (SMI).  There is clear evidence that individuals with serious mental illness have high rates of physical illness. They are less likely to gain from public health interventions or receive appropriate screening, diagnosis and treatment for a range of […]

London incident support pathways

26th October 2017

The pathways aim to help services and communities respond to the needs of those people who are experiencing distress following the recent major incidents in London. Following the recent major incidents in London, we have developed support pathways for staff across NHS systems. These have drawn heavily on the work undertaken in Manchester following the incident in […]