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Commissioning guidance for lymphoedema

30th March 2020

Commissioning Guidance for Lymphoedema Services for Adults Living with and Beyond Cancer 2020 – Guidance for commissioners to improve the quality of life for people with lymphoedema in London.  On this page: Overview Recommendations MDS spreadsheet Business case Service specification Community of practice report Webinar Overview The aim of this revised guidance developed by TCST and […]

Commissioning and delivery toolkit for cancer as a long-term condition

29th June 2018

Resources for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) to use to commission and deliver the 4 Point CCR Model in primary care for people living with and beyond cancer. It triggers the support patients reportedly need following a diagnosis of cancer, to self-manage to the best of their ability. With support from the Transforming Cancer Services […]

Improving rehabilitation services for Londoners affected by cancer

3rd November 2017

Dr Karen Robb, Macmillan Rehabilitation Clinical Lead for our Transforming Cancer Services Team, explains how we’re supporting commissioners to make sure Londoners affected by cancer can access high quality sustainable rehabilitation services There are many different types of rehabilitation services that can help transform the lives of Londoners who are living with cancer, or who […]

Cancer rehabilitation services – data recommendation report

3rd November 2017

This report presents the findings from a detailed investigation into what data and information on cancer rehabilitation services exists across London. Our report, Cancer rehabilitation: a scoping report for London, highlighted that there is a lack of data on these services. This presents a challenge for commissioners when it comes to developing and improving rehabilitation […]

Cancer care reviews: template business case

10th October 2017

This template business case has been produced by our Transforming Cancer Services Team to support commissioners in London to improve cancer care reviews for patients in their area. Commissioners can use this template to create a business case to take to their board that recommends introducing our four point model for cancer care reviews. The […]

Template business case for lymphoedema services

19th June 2017

Commissioners can use this document to create a business case to take to their board to help develop a lymphoedema service in their area. The template business case is a practical tool based on, and to be used alongside, the commissioning guidance for lymphoedema services published in August 2016. Although the template business case focuses on the […]

Psychological care pathway for people affected by cancer: 4 May 2017

2nd May 2017

Our Transforming Cancer Services Team and the London Living with and Beyond Cancer Board held an event to consider: “Excellent psychological support for those affected by cancer: how can we deliver the right support, at the right time, in the right place?”

Cancer rehabilitation: a scoping report for London

27th February 2017

This report is designed to help shape the commissioning of cancer rehabilitation services in London. It identifies London’s key challenges to improving cancer rehabilitation services and discusses the impact on patients. It provides recommendations for future commissioning of cancer rehabilitation services. The report looks at: Poor understanding of the economic benefits of rehabilitation The lack […]