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Collaborating across boundaries

6th November 2016

Supporting staff to collaborate across organisational and professional boundaries The increasingly complex needs of the population mean that staff must be supported to work across organisational and professional boundaries to develop and deliver integrate services based around the patient. From the ability to put aside organisational loyalties to collaborate in networks, to increasingly developing collaborative […]

London pharmacy matters

6th June 2016

An information support pack is now available. The pack contains national policy and key messages or challenges in the pharmacy sector; case studies of best practice for primary healthcare on role of pharmacy; an outline of the range of roles pharmacy ‘can’ do and ‘could’ to support out of hospital and improve access to care. […]

Physician associates

6th May 2016

Developing consistent career pathways for Physician Associates to support staff retention across London. What is a Physician Associate? Physician Associates are new healthcare professionals who, while not a doctor, work to the medical model, with the attitudes, skills and knowledge base to deliver holistic care and treatment within the general medical and/or general practice team […]

Retaining and recruiting

6th April 2016

Ensuring that there is sufficient high quality staff to deliver health and social care services is particularly challenging, given London’s professionally and personally demanding environment. This affects all professions, but particularly lower paid staff.  Supporting resources The Finding and Keeping Workers website, available through Skills for Care, will support you with your recruitment and retention challenges, […]