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A digital solution to a complex problem?

21st July 2017

Mark Harmon, Junior Doctor, Strategic and Brand Director eConsult and Clinical Fellow, gives his views on the importance of #GPonlineLondon.   The NHS faces many challenges. Patients are struggling to access their GP, health conditions are becoming more complex, treatments more expensive, and often patients simply do not know where to go for help. This […]

Manage your health, your way with GP online services

23rd June 2017

Dr Murray Ellender is a London GP and a partner in The Hurley Group practices. He is also CEO of eConsult. Here he explains his passion for digital innovation in primary care and its potential to affordably transform everyday healthcare.  We get our news, shopping and banking online. Now we can manage our health online […]

GP online services are brilliant!

23rd June 2017

Bipin Dittani is a local resident of Harrow, a GP patient and chair of his local practice patient group. Here he describes why he’s a fan of the GP online services that take the hassle out of seeing a GP. I’m a big supporter of GP online services and feel so strongly about patients having […]

Roll out of new information sharing agreement platform

18th April 2017

Healthy London Partnership’s London Digital Programme has developed a new online platform that aims to make the process of creating, agreeing and updating information sharing agreements more efficient and less time consuming. Information sharing agreements exist between many NHS organisations in London and are often paper agreements.  Moving to the new platform, called the data controller console, will reduce paperwork and […]

Data controller console training resources

1st March 2017

Training material to support health and care providers’ staff that are involved in the roll out of the Data Controller Console.    Background material: Data controller console FAQs Data Controller Console SOP    User guides: Organisation Super User Guide v5.0 Active User Guide v5.0 View Only User Guide v5.0   Quick reference guides: How to […]

Improving patient care by joining up NHS organisations

20th February 2017

Mike Part, Head of our London Digital Programme, explains how the programme is working to improve patient care by enabling NHS organisations to share information across London. It is widely recognised that NHS organisations in London need to be able to securely share patient information in order to provide the best care for patients. Better […]

A million Londoners to test new NHS 111 app

6th January 2017

Over a million residents in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington will get free access to an NHS 111 app to check symptoms and get accurate, safe, medical advice, 24/7 in just a few taps. The way Londoners access urgent and emergency health services is changing, and their NHS is evolving too. People in five […]

Harnessing digital technology

27th November 2015

To enhance health and wellbeing in care homes, we need to start harnessing digitally technology to help connect our colleagues across health and social care services and develop these important relationships. Enabling instant access to care records, up to date bed vacancy information, and secure email creates a powerful opportunity that will bring people together […]