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Eating disorders

7th August 2015

This page offers guidance for assessing, treating and monitoring children and young people with eating disorders.  Eating disorders are complex disorders that can have many underlying causes, and tend to manifest during adolescence.  There are multiple types of eating disorders, which is why it is crucial for medical professionals and families to recognise the symptoms early on. NICE […]


7th August 2015

This section of the toolkit offers information about the national ambitions for children and young people’s mental health services and a list of services and information for both children and young people and their carers. Good mental health and well-being is essential for a child’s development, as many mental health conditions show signs of manifestation […]

Parity of esteem

7th August 2015

This page has information on parity of esteem in the form of a video of a debate on the topic, a briefing note, plans for implementation and overviews on the different aspects of the subject. Since 2012, the Government has established that the NHS carries a responsibility to deliver parity of esteem – in other […]

Gastroesophageal reflux

7th August 2015

Gastro-oesphageal reflux is one of the top paediatric conditions with which children and young people present to primary care services.   The pathway and presentation slides on this page were created by the team at Evelina Children’s Hospital.

Mental and emotional wellbeing

9th April 2015

Increasing numbers of young people are presenting to primary care services with mental and emotional health issues. This section provides resources and support for primary and community care staff working with children and young people with mental health needs.  

Primary care children and young people’s toolkit

9th April 2015

Welcome to our toolkit created to support London’s primary and community care providers in improving children and young people’s care. While it has been designed for London’s NHS staff, we think it will be of interest to all involved with caring for children and young people. It will continue to be updated. If you have […]