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children and young people resources

London’s ambitions for asthma care for children and young people

9th September 2017

We have developed a set of ambitions for how asthma care should be delivered across the city. Each organisation (primary and community care, acute care, pharmacy, schools) will have a clear named lead who will be responsible and accountable for asthma (which includes children and young people).  

Toolkit for NHS trusts: supporting the NHS to reduce its impact on air pollution

23rd August 2017

Case studies and examples to support trusts to reduce their impact on air pollution. London suffers from high levels of air pollution. Air pollution acts as a trigger for many children and young people with asthma, contributing to ED and intensive care admissions, and possibly some asthma deaths. To provide support for this, we have […]

Clinical outcomes for service improvement: commissioners guide

5th August 2017

This guide has been developed in collaboration with the Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) London & South East Learning Collaborative. It looks at outcome measures that may be meaningful and realistic for commissioners of children ang young people mental health services. Many national key performance indicators currently focus on access and waiting times but these are […]

Transforming out-of-hospital care for children and young people: 22 June 2017

22nd July 2017

On 22 June, over 110 people from across London’s NHS joined in our efforts to develop suitable care for children and young people that keeps them out of hospital. Commissioners and providers took part in the event showcasing London’s new out-of-hospital standards for children and young people’s care and best practice examples from London and […]

Transforming primary care for children and young people: 25 April 2017

27th May 2017

These are slides from the 25 April 2017 event that brought together expertise and insight to strengthen London’s care of children and young people in general practice. GP practices are starting to work together at scale across London. Improving the care of children and young people is a priority and we are delighted to support […]

Alternative acute out-of-hospital models of care for children and young people

24th April 2017

This report is aimed at commissioners interested in developing new models to deliver out-of-hospital healthcare services for children and young people. The document describes the audit that was carried out across six London emergency departments during a two-week period in February and March 2016. During the audit, clinicians reviewed 3,020 children and young people attendances from 10am […]

London epilepsy guide for schools

23rd March 2017

This document is intended to enable schools to manage children and young people with epilepsy effectively in an early years or school setting. Recommendations and guidelines contained within are derived from clinical practices and from contributions from stakeholders across London. The Children and Families Act 2014 introduced a legal duty on schools to look after children […]

Common paediatric conditions: primary care e-learning

27th February 2017

Free online e-learning resources are available for primary care teams. All items listed are online modules unless otherwise specified. Resources are listed according to the Royal College of General Practice’s curriculum for children and young people.  Please share this information with your colleagues. If there are resources you think should be included on this list please get […]

Out-of-hospital care standards for children and young people

31st January 2017

Guidance for providing out-of-hospital care for London’s children and young people. Out-of-hospital care describes any care that is not undertaken in a traditional hospital setting. This could include healthcare in the community, at the patient’s home, school or workplace, or at a GP practice. This document is for London’s commissioners and providers of out-of-hospital healthcare […]