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cancer resources

Good practice screening guide: breast, cervical and bowel

30th September 2016

This good practice guide to cancer screening in London provides primary care with a practical how-to guide of evidence-based recommendations representing the current best practice in cancer screening. For most CCGs, cancer remains the largest single cause of premature death. Cancer screening is important in preventing and detecting cancer. It offers a significant opportunity to diagnose more cancers earlier, […]

In focus – National cancer patient experience survey

21st September 2016

The National Cancer Patient Survey (NCPES) 2015 is the fifth iteration of the survey first undertaken in 2010. It has been designed to drive improvements in a patient’s experience of cancer care and inform commissioners and service providers. The 2015 survey has been published for the first time as Official Statistics. For the 2015 and […]

Enhanced primary care-led prostate cancer follow-up service

2nd November 2015

The numbers of people living with and beyond a diagnosis of cancer continue to increase as our population ages with four million people expected to survive their cancer by 2030. Consequently, primary care is becoming a suitable alternative to provide long term support for people affected by cancer. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence states […]