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2WW E-Referral Primary Care User Guide

23rd August 2018

A user guide designed to support GP practices staff in using the NHS e-Referral Service (eRS) for 2 week wait (2ww) referrals for suspected cancer.  The Transforming Cancer Services Team have released an E-Referral Primary Care User Guide. It has been designed with input from primary and secondary care users to support GP practices with […]

Transforming Cancer Services Team Newsletters

31st July 2018

Early Diagnosis and Diagnostics and Living with and Beyond Cancer Newsletters. The newsletters cover quarter 1 of 2018 and are sent out to all stakeholders in London. If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact the team at  

Commissioning and delivery toolkit for cancer as a long-term condition

29th June 2018

Resources for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) to use to commission and deliver the 4 Point CCR Model in primary care for people living with and beyond cancer. It triggers the support patients reportedly need following a diagnosis of cancer, to self-manage to the best of their ability. With support from the Transforming Cancer Services […]

Cancer education and training portal for primary and community care

26th June 2018

A cancer education portal designed to support Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, CCGs and educational commissioners. Cancer education and training portal for primary and community care provides: training needs assessment (TNA) reports, educational prospectus, and additional resources results to help Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, CCGs and educational commissioners understand the gaps in cancer training and education […]

Psychological support for people affected by cancer

16th May 2018

A report from our Transforming Cancer Services Team for London, in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, aimed at improving psychological support for people living with cancer across London. It includes detailed recommendations for best practice in psychological support services and identifies the key issues that need to be addressed in London going forward. It also comprises […]

West Essex Good Practice Screening Guide

28th February 2018

This good practice guide to cancer screening in West Essex provides primary care with a practical how-to guide of evidence-based recommendations representing the current best practice in cancer screening. For most CCGs, cancer remains the largest single cause of premature death. Cancer screening is important in preventing and detecting cancer. It offers a significant opportunity to diagnose more […]

Psychological care pathway for people affected by cancer: 11 October 2017

17th January 2018

Presentations given at the London Transforming Cancer Services event about the psychological care pathway for people affected by cancer. A report summarising the event’s objectives and outcomes is also available. Following on from a successful event in May, the Transforming Cancer Services Team in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support hosted a second consultation event on […]

Endoscopy Optimisation Action Learning Event: 8 November 2017

6th December 2017

Summary of presentations given and resources offered on the day at the London Transforming Cancer Services Endoscopy Optimisation Action Learning Event on 8 November 2017. The event looked at several organisations and the various challenges they faced when trying to optimise their service, and how they overcame them. The event was well recieved and the TCST recieved […]

Cancer care review tools

1st December 2017

Materials for clinical commissioning groups (CCGS ) and primary care providers to implement cancer care reviews for people living with and beyond cancer. Someone recently diagnosed with cancer will present at primary and secondary care with increased physical and psychological needs. They may also experience the effects of treatment years after having it. For many […]

Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms Version 2 – Word

28th November 2017

An updated version of the Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms are now available for EmisWeb, SystmOne (Integrated, Non-integrated), Vision and DXS. Once the new forms have been installed please deactivate and remove all old versions. The new forms have updated pathology codes and amendments to the sarcoma clinical criteria. Urgent care centres, out-of-hours primary […]