The Lewisham Journey – Improving asthma care for Lewisham’s children and young people

11th September 2017

How Lewisham’s journey towards providing better asthma care for children and young people was achieved… One single aspect lies at the heart of our journey in Lewisham; partnership. In Lewisham strong partnership and professional commitment by clinicians, commissioners, public health and service users has been key for us setting our goal of improving health outcomes […]

London’s ambitions for asthma care for children and young people

9th September 2017

We have developed a set of ambitions for how asthma care should be delivered across the city. Each organisation (primary and community care, acute care, pharmacy, schools) will have a clear named lead who will be responsible and accountable for asthma (which includes children and young people).  

Simple measures can save lives – Improving asthma care for children across London

7th September 2017

Vin Diwakar, regional medical director for NHS England (London), writes about the next steps for improving care for children and young people with asthma in London When taking up the role of regional medical director last year, I was determined to address some of the health challenges that faced the capital and to maximise on […]

Toolkit for NHS trusts: supporting the NHS to reduce its impact on air pollution

23rd August 2017

Case studies and examples to support trusts to reduce their impact on air pollution. London suffers from high levels of air pollution. Air pollution acts as a trigger for many children and young people with asthma, contributing to ED and intensive care admissions, and possibly some asthma deaths. To provide support for this, we have […]

60 seconds with Eugenia Lee

13th May 2017

Dr Eugenia Lee is GP lead, Healthy London Partnership’s Children and Young People’s Programme. We asked her to tell us a few of the reasons that she’s so passionate about improving children and young people’s health in the capital. What is the biggest challenges to improving health for children and young people in London? There is a huge richness […]


7th August 2016

Asthma is the most common long-term medical condition affecting children and young people. We have a wide collection of guides and resources available as part of the London Asthma Toolkit. Background 1 in 10 children and young people are affected by asthma, meaning 240,000 have the condition in London. Many have badly managed asthma – to […]

London asthma standards for children and young people

6th July 2016

These standards bring together the aspirations for London, the NICE Asthma standards, British Thoracic Society guidelines and a number of other key resources into one document. They were developed by the London Strategic Clinical Network for Children and Young People’s Asthma Pathway Group, with a review by members of the Strategic Clinical Leadership Group and […]

Asthma care for children and young people: 12 April 2016

15th April 2016

A presentation to the Royal College of Nursing and Royal Pharmaceutical Society about why and how we need to transform London’s asthma care for children and young people. Background to Healthy London Partnership transformation programme Why is a collaborative approach to transforming asthma services needed? What we have done so far – asthma standards for […]