Hidden asthma facts: 5 things parents need to know

19th September 2017

Dr Andy Whittamore, GP and clinical lead at Asthma UK, provides some essential tips on managing children’s asthma more effectively Asthma is so common in children, with over 1m affected in the UK. Yet when I ask people to explain what asthma is, very few can. Quite simply, we need to do better for children […]

Get in control – manage your asthma with simple steps

18th September 2017

17-year-old Benjamin Boukerma writes about the simple steps young people can make to control their asthma Along with 1.1 million other young people in the UK, I have asthma. My name is Benjamin Boukerma and I am 16 and just starting my A levels. I am part of the HLP young people’s steering group, the […]

We need to improve asthma awareness

18th September 2017

GP Dr Tonia Myers writes about the need to increase asthma awareness in London to avoid more tragic outcomes Who would believe that in the 21st century children in the UK are still dying from asthma at an average rate of one child under 14 dying every month in 2016. Sadly, the vast majority of […]

Why having a community children’s asthma service is so important

18th September 2017

The Children’s Asthma Team at Croydon writes about the ‘September Spike’ and the importance of prevention September will be a busy time for our Children’s Asthma Team at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust in the lead up to the ‘September Spike’ (week 38); a well-documented phenomenon that sees a sharp increase in emergency hospital admissions […]

Asthma pledge templates

14th September 2017

Pledge to improve the treatment and management of asthma in children and young people. Help support children and young people with asthma by making a #MyAsthmaPledge. Small steps improve lives – an asthma plan, annual review and help with inhalers. help manage and improve the treatment of asthma and wheeze.

Learning lessons will improve asthma care

14th September 2017

With 12 children in London dying of asthma each year, paediatrician Ronny Cheung writes about tackling the factors that contribute to these avoidable outcomes Asthma is the most common long term condition of children and young people in the UK.  Most of us have a relative or friend who has a child with asthma and in […]

‘Simply’ asthma

14th September 2017

Asthma Nurse Specialist Ana Marote explains why education is key to enabling young people with asthma to live a healthy life Asthma UK states that 1.1 million children (1 in 11) have asthma; that’s 2-3 in every school class. The UK has among the highest prevalence rates of asthma symptoms in children worldwide and as […]

Working to reduce asthma deaths and emergency admissions

11th September 2017

Richard Iles, consultant paediatrican at Evelina London’s Children’s Hospital, writes about improving the consistency of asthma care and improving the outcomes for children and young people in the capital London has one of the highest rates of children with asthma in Western Europe. 12 children die and 4,000 are admitted to hospital for asthma each year. There […]

The asthma prevalence finder – let’s get the simple things right

11th September 2017

Dr Reena Bhatt writes about how the asthma prevalence finder can help young people with asthma better manage their medication, reduce emergencies and improve their wellbeing in the long term A paper published by Ingrid Woolfe in the Lancet in 2013 highlighted that the UK had the worst mortality and morbidity rates for children with […]