Children and young people’s asthma fact sheet

24th May 2022

This fact sheet has been developed by the NHS England (London region) children and young people’s asthma team to share key information on the risks and management of asthma.

Children and young people asthma films

10th February 2022

The following films around asthma and asthma care have been produced for children and young people. Preventable is a short film written, produced and directed by young people to help and support young asthmatics and those who care for them. This version has been specially adapted for our team and can be used to help […]

#RightInhalerImage campaign update

1st February 2022

We are pleased to announce that the #RightInhalerImage campaign, launched by HLP’s Children and Young People’s Asthma Programme last year, is being taken forward by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG). The IPCRG has launched a free gallery of images that can be downloaded for use in publications, presentations and other usage. The gallery […]

#AskAboutAsthma Campaign 2020

22nd September 2020

Thank you for all the support for our #AskAboutAsthma campaign week on keeping children’s asthma under control particularly more so this year due to the coronavirus and this second wave. Below you will find links to our blogs, podcasts, webinar recordings and slides from the campaign programme. Click here for more information including how we […]

Protecting children from air pollution at school and beyond

20th September 2020

by Anthony Mysak, Portfolio Manager, Guys and St Thomas’ Charity As families prepare for their children’s return to school, many are focused on how to best protect their children from COVID-19. Concerns about children’s health are only compounded for those families with children with asthma. The start of the school year (known as week 38) […]

Asthma and indoor air quality

20th September 2020

by Catherine Sutton, Director, Airborne Allergy Action Catherine Sutton, mum to Edward, who has severe allergies and asthma, explains the recommendations of the recent Royal College of Paediatrics Report into Indoor Air Quality and Child Health and new NICE guidelines on Indoor Air Quality and their relevance to asthma prevention.  In January 2020 the Royal […]

Take a breather

19th September 2020

by Tori Hadaway, Community Children’s Specialist Asthma Nurse Schools are a great way to provide group education about asthma and allergy; they form a safe, local environment where children and young people (CYP) are geared to learn important lessons.  What better space to improve knowledge and awareness, empowering them to take responsibility for their own […]

Reflections on developing an asthma network

19th September 2020

by Dr Stephen Goldring, Consultant Paediatrician, Director of Clinical Studies, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Our first tentative meetings to establish the NWL asthma network were back in Autumn 2019, with a group of enthusiasts thinking about how to get everyone together and get started.   We entered the embryonic,  ‘forming’ stage, and had a […]

Back to school but not quite back to normal

18th September 2020

by Hannah Harniess For the last 6 months, our son has been shielded due to falling into the extremely clinically vulnerable category. For so many people who have been in this category, it has felt lonely and worrying at times. The virus was much less understood in March, but we now know that children have […]

How a Network Incentive Scheme can improve CYP asthma diagnosis and care

18th September 2020

by Tori Hadaway, Community Children’s Specialist Asthma Nurse The Tower Hamlets Network Incentive Scheme (NIS) challenged GPs to compare their data with that of other practices, aiming to improve standards of care for CYP with wheeze and asthma. What did they do? Each GP practice searched their database for children prescribed asthma treatments. Children were […]