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SEND and community paediatrics

In this section you will find resources on working with children and young people with special educational needs, and resources for community paediatric teams.

Parents and families


This section of our toolkit includes parent and family-friendly resources. Here we have family friendly CAMHS information and contacts, information about our children and young people’s health app ‘NHSGo’, as well as links to more support you might need. 

Working with pharmacy

Pharmacists are a vital element of the primary and community care NHS team. This section includes resources and information to support pharmacists and commissioners of pharmacy services for CYP. Working more closely with pharmacists has significant potential to improve the care and management of children and young people with health needs, and reflects NICE guidelines […]


Children and young people spend almost as much waking time at school as they do at home. It is crucial that schools feel capable of supporting the needs of their students.  

Integrated care

In this section you will find resources to support the integration of primary, secondary and community services for children and young people.   

Primary Care Networks

In this section of the toolkit, there are resources for GPs, primary care staff and commissioners developing primary care network services across a locality. Primary care at scale, in the form of primary care networks (PCNs), involves community teams wrapping around groups of GP practices to respond to patients’ holistic needs and leading to more tailored […]

Young people friendly practice

Young people are among those least satisfied with visits to their GP. They can have difficulty expressing themselves, often feel misunderstood by their GPs and have the shortest consultation times. It is crucial for young people to have a positive experience at their GP clinic so they feel encouraged to visit their GP with any […]


On this page you will find free online e-learning resources available to primary care professionals. All are online modules unless clearly stated otherwise. Resources are listed according to the Royal College of General Practice’s curriculum for children and young people.

Education & workforce

This section provides resources to support professional education and workforce development in your service.

Mental and emotional wellbeing

Increasing numbers of young people are presenting to primary care services with mental and emotional health issues. This section provides resources and support for primary and community care staff working with children and young people with mental health needs.  

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Top paediatric conditions

Most children and young people present to primary care with a relatively common condition. This top 11 list gives the recommended pathway and top tips for treatment. For more clinical guidance on other conditions, visit GP Guidelines for common conditions.

Primary care children and young people’s toolkit


Welcome to our toolkit created to support London’s primary and community care providers in improving children and young people’s care. While it has been designed for London’s NHS staff, we think it will be of interest to all involved with caring for children and young people. It will continue to be updated. If you have […]