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CAMHS information

This section of the toolkit is geared towards parents and families of children and young people. CAMHS useful links for parents and young people Here you will find relevant information and contacts for sources of support for bullying, autism, eating disorders and other issues. CAMHS useful links  

Principles of commissioning

This page provides supporting information and links to documents that offer guidance, examples, tools and advice and evaluation of  Commissioning cost-effective services for promotion of mental health and wellbeing and prevention of mental Ill-health  – Public Health England This document covers the commissioning of mental health services across all age ranges. There are two detailed case […]

Counselling services

This page offers information to support London schools to engage individuals or organisations (or both) at the school to provide counselling services. It includes a financial evaluation assessing the benefits these services can bring to young people. Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future – Department of Education This non-statutory guidance gives school leaders some advice […]

Local commissioning

This page offers background information and links to guidance and research about local mental health improvement plans.  Influencing local commissioning Mentally Healthy Schools  gives guidance and information on the local processes for commissioning mental health services and how schools can get involved. Download their guide ‘Influencing local commissioning’. Local transformation plans The Five Year Forward […]

Government guidance

See our summaries of key government documents and guidance in relation to mental health and wellbeing of children and young people and school.  Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future: Departmental advice for school leaders and counsellors (February 2016) This government document gives a range of advice on establishing counselling services within schools. It states: ‘Our […]


This sections contains background information, guides, tools and templates to support schools to understand their role and special issues to consider in commissioning providers for mental health services.

Teaching resources

This page offers an overview of online resources for teachers to use to promoting mental health and wellbeing during classes. Anna Freud – resources for schools Child mental health experts have developed a booklet series aimed at supporting all staff working in school settings. Boing Boing  Boing Boing offer a range of tools and advice […]

Training & support for staff

This section contains information about training and support for school staff, parents and pupils to improve mental health and wellbeing at school. For the full list of all the mental health training available to people working with children and young people please see our Children and young people’s mental health training compendium.

A whole school approach

A whole-school approach means making child, staff and parent/carer mental health and wellbeing ‘everybody’s business’. It involves all parts of the school working together and being committed. It needs partnership working between governors, senior leaders, teachers and all school staff as well as parents, carers and the wider community. Use our information, tools and resources […]

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Mental health support in schools

Mental Health in Schools project Schools play an important part in the emotional wellbeing of pupils. Healthy London Partnership has been working with the Greater London Authority on a Mental Health in Schools Project to find out more about the extent of services available within schools to support children and young people with their emotional […]

Training and support

This section offers links and further information about the different types of training available to support better mental health and wellbeing at schools. For a full overview of all the training available to support children’s mental health in London see our Children and Young people’s Mental Health Training Compendium.

Involving pupils

This section includes information, tools and resources to use to involve school pupils in activities that support better mental health and wellbeing

Special education needs and disabilities


Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has factual information on the identification and agreed symptoms associated with ADHD: The ADHD Foundation offers further information but also a range of courses and other resources available to children, parents and staff: Young Minds have produced a range of information and support materials for ADHD Council for […]


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New initiatives and approaches


This section includes summaries of initiatives already underway in London to improve students’ mental health and wellbeing. Review the examples and see whether you think they may be suitable to implement locally. 


Use the links below to explore our toolkit: Home: London Mental Health in Schools Toolkit 1 Contents (current page) 2 Whole school approach 2.1 Practical advice & guidance 2.2 Sample policies and procedure 2.3 Ofsted 2.4 Leadership & management 2.6 Governors 3 Government guidance and key 4 Links & key resources 5 Practice examples 5.1 […]

London’s proposal

We have been working with stakeholders to develop London’s proposal for networked care. If you have material you would like to share or comments on this work please contact us at Background Over 40% of the primary care workload is due to children and young people, yet GPs say they see ‘very few’ young people […]

Primary care home

This page provides background and links to more information about the Primary Care Home model of care. Primary Care Home is a new model of health care where a wide range of social and health care professionals come together to deliver care to the local community. This model involves strong relations and teamwork between primary, secondary […]


This section of the toolkit covers improving patient-centred health and shared decision making through the use of the CollaboRATE tool established by Professor Albert G. Mulley JR., MD, MPP. The resources include a short description of the CollaboRATE and IntegRATE tools, a booklet on patient-centred care, a video about CollaboRATE and its slides, and a presentation […]

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We are very grateful for the input of our many partner organisations and individuals involved in collecting and sharing the material within this toolkit. Credits Icons used in this kit are made by dDara Freepik, geotatah, mynamepong, Nikita Golubev, Roundicons, Retinaicons from and licensed by CC BY 3.0 Additional… visability 93 font Icon by Icons Bazaar from the Noun Project Icon by […]