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Home learning and fun

Find resources on this page can support parents and carers with home learning and fun with your children and young people. Home learning BBC Bitsize This BBC Bitesize webpage informs parents and children how to navigate the website and how to access lessons via BBC iPlayer and BBC sounds. Parents and carers can get advice […]

Advice and resources for education settings

The education section of the Schools Mental Health Toolkit contains resources for teachers and education professionals to support children and young people of primary and secondary school age. Navigate the education section using the information hubs below.

Covid-19 resources for education settings

Find resources on teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, including support on facilitating effective home learning and returning to in-person teaching. Supporting home learning Actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak This government guidance includes actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak and explains what all schools will need to do during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Adapting […]

Supporting families and children with bereavement

Supporting children with bereavement Find links and resources to support education professionals working with children and young people who are dealing with bereavement.   Children’s Bereavement Workbook ‘Time4Me’ is a workbook for children. The main aim is to encourage children to begin talking about their experience of grief. Coping with bereavement Age UK have written an article […]

Primary school and Secondary school

Find resources which teachers can other education professionals can use to support children and young people in primary and secondary school. Primary School How are you feeling? The Anna Freud Centre Primary school Covid-19 recovery PSHE programme Our Time (registered charity) have created a Primary school Covid-19 recovery PSHE programme. The Our Time Primary PSHE teacher guide […]

Urgent mental health crisis support

Mental health crisis support Every NHS mental health trust in London has put in place a mental health helpline, so children, young people and their families can get help quickly when they need it. Professionals are also able to access these crisis lines if they are concerned about or would like advice about a child, […]

Suicidal thoughts and self-harm

Children and young people can find resources and support below to help when experiencing suicidal thoughts or self harming. If you feel extremely distressed and worried that you might not be able to keep yourself safe, there is lots of urgent support available, including 24/7 NHS mental health helplines in every London borough. If you’re […]

Sleep problems

Find resources and tips on how to improve your sleep as way of protecting your mental health. Sleep problems Audio: Sleep problems – This NHS webpage provides you with mental wellbeing audio guides. These guides have ben created to boost your mood and help you through feelings such as anxiety. This page also has a link […]

Bereavement support

The below organisaitons offer support to help children and young people who have experienced a bereavement. Don’t suffer alone.   Support after sudden bereavement Thrive LDN have put together a resource to support you after a sudden bereavement. It includes information about emotions you might be feeling, what might help, and where to get professional […]

Covid-19 resources

This page contains resources to support children and young people on understanding COVID-19 measures.   COVID-19 resources for primary school age children Coronavirus fact sheet for children Information for children by National Geographic Kids about what coronavirus is, how it started, what social distancing means, and what you can do to help! The Stay Home […]

Young people with ADHD

Find resources to support young people living with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) on this page.   Advice for young people with ADHD Good Thinking (Digital mental wellbeing platform) provides 8 top tips for children and young people with living with ADHD as well as directing you to other resources if you need further help. […]

Young people over 13 years old

Young people aged over 13 years of age can find resources on this page to supporting different areas of your mental health, including coping under the pressures of exam season. Coping under pressure 10 stress busters – This NHS webpage advises you on 10 ways to deal with stress. It outlines 10 healthy coping mechanisms and […]

Young people under 13 years old

This page contains resources to support young people under the age of 13, including coping with COVID-19 and general worries about your mental health.   Advice on Coronavirus & Mental Health Good thinking is a digital mental wellbeing support for London. This section of the website provides mental health tips for children and young people, […]

Covid Conversations: Communications resources


To encourage people to use our COVID-19 Conversations resources, we’ve put together a selection of posters for you to print off and put in communal areas. These include QR codes that colleagues can scan and browse the resources on our site. Jump to section Acute care Social care All settings Poster for acute care View […]