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Interim NHS People Plan summary


The document has been produced to summarise the recently published Interim NHS People Plan, which has been developed collaboratively to set a vision for how people working in the NHS will be supported to deliver care. The plan is short term and intended to provide actions that we can start working towards prior to the […]

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Mapping cancer screening initiatives in London

Cancer screening aims to reduce the numbers of deaths from breast, cervical and bowel cancer by: finding pre-cancerous signs of cervical and bowel cancer and treating these identifying and treating early signs of breast, cervical and bowel cancer, leading to a greater chance of survival and less aggressive treatments Cancer screening coverage is generally lower […]

Advice for parents/carers

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These advice sheets were produced by the Luton Children and Adults’ Services (part of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust), in collaboration with Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton CCG Commissioners, Luton Borough Council, Luton GPs, and the East of England Ambulance Trust. They give advice for parents/carers on treatment for children with head injuries, diarrhoea & […]

Children and young people’s mental health workforce strategy


This strategy focuses on those whose jobs support the mental health of children and young people (the workforce) and aims to explain why this topic is important, what we did to explore it and our findings. It includes a list of challenges that surfaced when we were talking to services, professionals and young people; these […]

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2017 Cancer Prevalence Dashboard


Interactive Prevalence Dashboard The 2017 Prevalence Dashboard, created by the Transforming Cancer Services Team partnership with Public Health England, brings together 2017 data and views for CCGs, STPs, Cancer Alliances and the London region on the: Demographics of those living with a cancer diagnosis (age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic status, years since diagnosis). Proportion of people […]

Best practice toolkit for providing family planning advice to women with a mental illness

This toolkit is designed to offer advice to doctors and informs the multi-disciplinary team of best practice in providing preconception/family planning advice to women with a mental illness. The document contains both information and resources and also recommendations that shift the clinical approach towards a collaborative model of care, using a strengths-based formulation. Pre-conception advice […]

Other support available


This page contains links to information and resources from other organisations supporting care homes and the workforce. NICE The National Institute for Health and Social Care provides guidance, advice, quality standards and information services for health, public health and social care. Their website also includes guidance for Care Homes and examples of initiatives being implemented across […]

Pressure ulcers


This page contains useful information and resources to support care homes with managing and reducing pressure ulcers. The React to Red Skin team have kindly shared their educational resources about the dangers of pressure ulcers and the simple steps that can be taken to avoid them. For more information visit their website. Within these pages […]

Infection prevention


This page contains useful information and resources to support infection prevention in care homes. Further information and resources Infection Prevention and Control National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – Helping to Prevent Infection guide

Hydration and nutrition


This page contains useful information and resources to support hydration and nutrition in care homes. The Malnutrition Task Force (MTF) The Malnutrition Task Force (MTF) is committed to working across the community and care settings to tackle avoidable and preventable malnutrition and dehydration in older people. For more information visit their dedicated space on Age […]

Falls prevention


Early intervention is vital in order to help reduce falls. This page contains useful information and resources to support falls prevention in care homes. Training materials The following materials are courtesy of Greenwich CCG:   Further resources NICE guideline CG161: 2019 surveillance of falls in older people: assessing risk and prevention



We have been supporting care homes in areas across London to complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) and accessing NHSmail. For more information about the toolkit and NHSmail visit the following pages: Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) NHSmail  If you require further information about training and support available please contact the team […]

Recognising deterioration


This page contains useful information and resources to support recognising signs of deterioration in care homes. Spotting signs of deterioration Significant 7 and What’s best for Lily? are two new and highly effective educational training programmes that have been developed to support care home staff to recognise the signs of deterioration in residents and improve […]

Funding opportunities


There are various funding opportunities available to support you and your local systems to become better connected and communicate more effectively using digital resources and platforms. Here are just a few ideas to get you started with possible prospects for funding: Explore the Wessex AHSN Funding Map for further ideas and opportunities Grants for the […]



CarePulse is the bed capacity management system being used by all care homes across London. Having access to up to date bed vacancy information is an invaluable source of intelligence for health and social care services; helping to ensure people who are in need of care home support are placed in a suitable and comfortable […]

Digital Social Care


Digital Social Care is becoming an essential part of joint working between health and social care. The Registered Nursing Home Association is working in partnership with NHS Digital to support the digital journey of social care providers. The Digital Social Care website can be accessed via:  If you wish to provide feedback about the […]


Healthy London Partnership has been working closely with the NHSmail team and NHS Digital to roll out NHSmail to a group of care homes across London. Read more about how we have been supporting care homes to join NHSmail. Alongside this, we have been supporting care home staff to access NHSmail once they have completed […]

Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)


We have been supporting care homes to complete the first steps required to achieve entry level of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT). By completing the toolkit care homes are able to demonstrate they are aware of; data protection policies, their responsibilities for recording accurate data – whilst keeping it safe and secure, and […]

Summer readiness

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#TempAware This page contains useful information and resources to support care homes during warmer periods of the year, especially the summer months. To help you feel prepared for a heat wave, read through the following ‘Beat the Heat, keeping residents safe and well’ checklist developed by Public Health England. Advice for care home managers and […]