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London social prescribing dashboard

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Our interactive dashboard shows the potential cost benefits for social prescribing and expert patient programmes in London.  These are localised population health analysis tools, including heat maps, developed to support planning and implementation of social prescribing in London. Use the tools to explore potential savings created by using social prescribing initiatives. Go to the online […]

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NHS Online Bexley: Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about NHS Online being piloted in Bexley. This relates to a mobile app designed to provide accurate, non-urgent medical advice to more than 240,000 Bexley residents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients living and working in the area and registered with a Bexley GP can download the app to […]

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Cancer rehabilitation services – data recommendation report

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This report presents the findings from a detailed investigation into what data and information on cancer rehabilitation services exists across London. Our report, Cancer rehabilitation: a scoping report for London, highlighted that there is a lack of data on these services. This presents a challenge for commissioners when it comes to developing and improving rehabilitation […]

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Provider maturity model

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The provider maturity model is a development tool that was designed with primary care providers across London to support the development of at scale organisations It is a flexible model, built on the premise that there is no single definitive development journey for a primary care provider and that context, local needs and priorities will […]

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Healthy Living Week 2016

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This report provides an overview of Healthy Living Week 2016 and details the approach taken by Healthy London Partnership.   Healthy Living Week 2016 provided a platform for hospital charities, trusts, clinical commissioning groups and Healthy London Partnership to collaborate together and deliver a set of events and activities to staff across London. It was the first time […]

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Unlocking the value of VSCE for population health

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These guides for commissioners set out a variety of approaches for working with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to improve Londoners’ health and wellbeing. The current financial situation means constraints for commissioners.  Providers and commissioners of services are being asked to deliver more impact with less money while addressing increasingly complex health needs. Commissioners […]

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Healthy communities

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The aim of Healthy Communities was to research test and evaluate sustainable and commercially-viable healthy lifestyle interventions, created and led by the local community and local delivery partners. The project has shown that it is possible to deliver health outcomes outside the formal health system, and has evidenced how big businesses, social enterprises and the voluntary sector can positively affect […]

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Steps towards implementing self-care

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This is a practical and easily accessible guide to implementing self-care. It aims to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to work closely with appropriate local partners to increase the number of people who care for themselves effectively. London has committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of its citizens. This includes helping people look after their own health better, and […]

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Social prescribing

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This guide has been co-produced with experts by experience from NHS North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups. Social prescribing is a way that people living with long-term conditions can access the variety of support they need that doctors and nurses are not equipped to provide. Things like help with getting a job, housing, […]

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Personalisation and self-care case for change

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Poor citizen experience and outcomes,  growing demand from an ageing population, more people with one or more long-term conditions, fragmented and unsustainable models of care and an unprecedented financial challenge are all reasons underpinning why the health and care system needs to empower people and communities to take control and proactively self-serve. This report outlines the […]

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Mental health care in primary care – literature review and scoping report

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London CCGs are at various stages of developing and rolling out mental healthcare models in primary care.  This literature review and scoping report has been completed to compare current developments in primary care mental health models across the capital.  The scoping exercise has identified many new initiatives where specialist and primary care staff are working together with community-based […]

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