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Patient experience survey

Oral health in community pharmacy


A report on activity to raise awareness about oral health and oral pain management of children and young people in London. “There is an opportunity to change the future for our children and a welcome appetite from a number of organisations who want to work together to improve oral health in children. Improving oral health […]

Healthy London Partnership update – October 2016


This update is a small reflection of the vast amount of work we are progressing across the capital. Our many thanks go out to the leaders, experts, clinicians and all those involved in our work and who make these achievements possible. We are as committed as ever to improving the health of Londoners and supporting […]

Healthy London Partnership highlights 2015/16


Our most significant achievements in our first year of tackling London’s challenges to health and care. Healthy London Partnership was established in response to the NHS Five Year Forward View and the London Health Commission and to improve health services and deliver changes to health in the capital. The aim is to take London from […]

Healthy London Partnership update – July 2016


We are delighted to share our latest highlights as we move into the second year of Healthy London Partnership. From April to June, we were in a unique position to support the development of London’s sustainability and transformation plans (STP). Our teams have been working with local STP planning leads and Directors of Public Health […]

Healthy London Partnership update – April 2016


This is a snapshot of recent achievements and work underway for Healthy London Partnership.  There has never been a better time to create a healthier future for London. Imagine a city where everyone takes responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, while helping those less able, so we can all live longer, healthier lives. This […]

Healthy London Partnership update – January 2016


Welcome to Healthy London Partnership’s  latest update. It has been a very exciting and productive quarter for health across the capital. In October, we co-hosted the One Year On anniversary event of Lord Darzi’s London Health Commission highlighting the progress London Health Board partners (Greater London Authority, London Councils, London CCGs, NHS England London and […]