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Transforming out-of-hospital care for children and young people: 22 June 2017

On 22 June, over 110 people from across London’s NHS joined in our efforts to develop suitable care for children and young people that keeps them out of hospital.

Commissioners and providers took part in the event showcasing London’s new out-of-hospital standards for children and young people’s care and best practice examples from London and beyond.

Dr Eugenia Lee, our GP Lead for children and young people chaired the event. Catch up on the speakers presentations:

  1. Welcome, Healthy London Partnership’s challenge – Eugenia Lee, Healthy London Partnership’s GP lead for children and young
  2. New care models: Setting the scene – Jane McVea, Senior Strategic Account Manager (London and South) New Care Models Programme
  3. Transforming care: the out-of-hospital standards – Michelle Johnson, Chair of Healthy London Partnership’s Out of Hospital Standards Group, Director of Nursing (Babies, Children and Young People), Barts Health NHS Trust
  4. Modelling the potential impact of new out-of-hospital models of care on paediatric emergency department presentations – Russell Viner, Professor of Adolescent Health, UCL
  5. Primary care and population health management – Nav Chana, Chairman, National Association of Primary Care; Stephanie Lamb, Co-founder and Medical Director, the Well Centre | WATCH the short film
  6. Innovations in the care of children and young people with mental health problems – Ann York, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Clinical Advisor, Healthy London Partnership
  7. ‘It’s the workforce, stupid’ – Hilary Cass, Senior Clinical Advisor, Children’s Health & Wellbeing, Health Education England
  8. Making better use of pharmacy – Donal Markey, Head of Primary Care Commissioning, NHS England (London Region)