Recording and sharing data

Actions to take

  • Perform an audit of existing services in relation to smoking in the serious mental illness (SMI) population to: a) Establish current provision. b) Acknowledge levels of unmet need.
  • Identify interventions needed to improve data, services and outcomes using results of the audit.
  • Evaluate smoking cessation coverage and impact upon key outcome measures, and then adjust accordingly.

Tools to help you

Public Health Outcomes Framework for England 2013 to 2016. Identifies the desired outcomes for public health and how they will be measured.

NHS CCG outcomes tool and explorer. Provides interactive access to data from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Outcomes Indicator Set and the NHS Outcomes Framework as well as demographic and disease prevalence (Quality and Outcomes Framework – QOF) data. Particular outcomes of relevance are:

Smoking rates in people with serious mental illness (indicator 1.23)

‘No health without mental health’ strategy dashboard (Dec 2013). The dashboard brings together information about progress towards the objectives of the strategy.

Public Health England: Fingertips tool – co-occurring substance misuse and mental health issues. “developed to support an intelligence-driven approach to understanding and meeting need. It collates and analyses a wide range of publicly available data around tobacco smoking, alcohol use and drug use, including data on prevalence, risk factors, treatment demand and treatment response. The tool also features indicators around mental health prevalence and services”.

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