This page offers information for commissioners and providers to support offering enhanced services that can address the serious mental illness mortality gap. Follow the links to topic areas in this toolkit to explore themes and recommended actions to take. 

Providing enhanced services to address the serious mental illness (SMI) mortality gap

By improving services in partnership with all parts of the system – including service users, primary care, acute and mental health services – we have an opportunity to make a significant impact to the overall health outcomes of people with SMI. This includes reducing the rates of long-term condition complications while taking a step closer to closing the SMI mortality gap. By making these changes to services, there are also substantial quality, safety and financial gains to be made.

Recommended actions and tools to use

The recommendations within this section have been designed for providers and commissioners. We hope other organisations and practitioners also find the content useful.  Recommended actions in this section apply to all providers. Most recommendations are also applicable to commissioners that need to support providers through funding or contractual levers.

Follow the links to specific recommendations and tools related to these topics for providers and commissioners:

For further support, according to type of provider use these links:



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