System-wide change

This page highlights the importance of taking a strategic, organisation-wide approach in planning to better integrate physical and mental healthcare for people with serious mental illness.   

A system-wide strategy and plan for change

Develop a system-wide strategy that is underpinned by organisation-wide strategies. The strategy should be protected, staffed and funded, and have realistic timelines and clear deliverables.

Actions to take

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and develop a system-wide and organisational-level strategy and implementation plan based on benchmarking of current provision, agreed priorities and existing assets.
  • Critically consider organisational strengths, weaknesses, challenges and assets to set priorities and build on progress to make sustainable improvements to meet the physical health needs of people with serious mental illness (SMI)
  • Commissioners can ensure that contracting supports improvements and innovation, and adopt a quality improvement approach to processes to support improved outcomes.
  • Commissioners can incentivise quality, innovation and sustainable solutions (workforce and digital technology) through embedding incentives in contracts.
  • Commissioners can support planned and sustainable change through addressing all associated steps needed to improve access and uptake of physical health checks (e.g. training and education, data, interoperable systems), rather than focus on screening rates alone.

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