Information for young people

Medical advice (Headmeds)

The aim of Headmeds is to give young people straightforward and reliable information about mental health medication from a trustworthy source. ‘HeadMeds is not pro- or anti- medication. It just gives young people the facts, including answers to questions like ‘can I still drink alcohol?’ and ‘will it make me put on weight?’’

The website also offers information about mental health conditions and real stories about young people’s experiences of mental illness and taking medication. Young Minds developed the site with the help of young people, pharmacists and doctors. It provides a useful glossary of medical terminology for young people, which would also be of help to parents and other professionals. It also provides a description of the main mental health conditions.

Dealing with Exam Stress (the Mix)

A resource for young people giving advice on how to manage exam stress.

Youth Wellbeing Directory

The Youth Wellbeing Directory is designed and updated by the Anna Freud Centre. It allows either staff or young people to search for local agencies that are able to offer services in their area. You can search by postcode or area, by name of service or by issue or topic.

The Anna Freud Centre works to keep the directory up to date and any new information that you may have about local services to make sure that it is current will be very much appreciated.

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