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NHS App Library

Large numbers of new apps are developed. The NHS App library is a way of ensuring that relevant apps have gone through an assurance process.

App providers may need to show evidence that their products pass their tests in areas such as clinical safety, data protection, security and usability, and how anyone using them could see benefits to their health and wellbeing.

The questions have been designed by expert reviewers who use them to see how an app performs in nine key areas. Any major updates made by an app provider will require their product to be reassessed to make sure it still meets the required standards following the changes.


NHS Go is an app that provides advice to children and young people using NHS Choices content on conditions, rolling content on topical matter, a service finder and information about their rights.

The app was developed in conjunction with young people.

It is not exclusively a mental health resource but the pages most visited are those on mental health and sexual health.

As at September 2018, it has had:

  • 75,000 + downloads
  • Over 800,000 in app page views (most popular mental health/sexual health)
  • Award winning (Patient Experience Network – 2016 and 2017)
  • Shortlisted for National Positive Practice in Mental Health Awards

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