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Cancer Evaluation and Training Needs Assessments (TNA)


Framework for the evaluation of training and education programmes for cancer in primary care

This framework is designed to support evaluation of all training initiatives for primary care in London, so that TCST and others can understand their effect and to identify and share best practice in cancer training based on learning and behavioural outcomes.

This document aims to support high quality and consistent evaluation of training and educational interventions in primary care to support early diagnosis of and living with and beyond cancer.

Framework for evaluation cancer training in primary care

Training Needs Assessments (TNAs)

Training Needs Assessments (TNAs) are tools that have been developed to gain an understanding of knowledge, capability and skills relating to early diagnosis and personalised care for cancer in primary and community care.

Data from the TNAs can then be used to develop structured and targeted training for staff in primary and community care.

Training Needs Assessments – 2020

The TNAs survey is open until the 15 December 2020. Views collected will reflect recommended changes to early diagnosis and personalised care, notably amendments to the national screening programmes and the role social prescribers play in primary care. The survey is available to complete by clicking on the TNA survey link. Results from the updated TNAs will be available later on in the year.

Training Needs Assessments – 2016

TNAs were carried out in 2016, collecting data on the training needs of GPs, primary care nurses and community – based dentists and pharmacists in early diagnosis and personalised care. Over 700 healthcare professionals completed the TNAs, which have provided us with the knowledge and training gaps across London. The results of the 2016 TNAs have been analysed and are available in tableau, please find the links below:

TNA 2016 Headline Findings (PDF)

Early Detection – GP Responses (Tableau)

Early Detection – Primary Care Nurses Responses (Tableau)

Personalised Care – GP Responses (Tableau)

Personalised Care – Primary Care Nurse Responses (Tableau)

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