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Personalised Care mapping

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, the Universal Personal Care implementation model and other key documents, Healthy London Partnership has undertaken a rapid analysis of current and planned activity to understand where the gaps and opportunities are for improving personalised care in London.

These documents offer a snapshot of current and planned activity at a national and regional level using information available in February-March 2019. This analysis is intended to support sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) in planning for the delivery of the Long Term Plan.

Key take-aways

It is integral that personalised care is considered business as usual across all health and social care provision in order to deliver the Long Term Plan and ensure Londoners have more control over their health. Joined up working is required nationally, regionally and locally to deliver on this ambition.

Personalised care takes a whole-system approach, integrating services including health, social care, public health and wider services around the person. Personal health budget delivery (PHBs) already uses an integrated approach, joining up health and social care to support complex individual needs. A systematic approach to the delivery of personalised care is an opportunity to further STPs’ existing ICS transformation plans and bring additional benefit for the whole of London.

The evidence shows how personalised care can contribute to reducing health inequalities. Personalised care takes account of people’s different backgrounds and preferences, with people from lower socioeconomic groups benefiting the most.

STPs can and should capatilise on the opportunities of the Long Term Plan and the Mayors Health Inequalities Strategy for personalised care to underpin the health and social care in London for to drive improvement across the system.