Making Every Contact Count programmes and projects (MECC) need infrastructure to support it. This includes capturing and recording data and mechanisms for referrals, as well as the services or resources to signpost patients and the public to additional information and support.

Systems and processes.  It is useful to consider what systems and processes are required to embed MECC and whether the existing infrastructure can be modified to support staff.

Refer to the Public Health England implementation guide for pointers and suggestions on optimizing the infrastructure in place to support MECC.

Enablers. Including MECC in CQUINS can help achieve senior leadership buy-in.  This presentation on Commissioning for Health Improvement from North and East Hertfordshire provides an interesting case study of how this has worked in practice.

Services and resources.  Developing and maintaining a directory of services and resources for staff to signpost patients and the public to will ensure staff feel confident in where they are recommending. Here is a guide to developing your own MECC resource directory.

This document is a resource guide for professionals and frontline staff and contains links to useful e-learning, websites, training and NICE guidance.

This toolkit contains tools you can use to signpost people to national services and resources:

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