Webinars and Presentations

Did you miss out on watching any of our webinars or presentation? Catch up here by watching these recordings

#IPCRG 2021 Webinar recordings:

Richard Iles: From large scale data can we identify individual risk factors?


Webinar Recordings and Slides from #AskAboutAsthma 2020:

Role of pharmacy for children and young people’s asthma during Covid, 14 Sept 2020

Raj Matharu – Welcome, context and vision: incorporating pharmacy into acute/elective teams

Bipin Patel – Joining up primary and community asthma care: Bexley CYP inhaler pilot

A film about the Bexley Pharmacy pilot, which aimed to provide pharmacists with an online tool to review patients with asthma from 5 to 25 years old.

Darush Attar – Responding to Covid-19: remote inhaler technique training

Marsha Alter – Looking to the future: what do patients want from their pharmacists and how technology can improve care

Webinar Slides

Supporting the older child: transition to adult care and the relationship between anxiety and asthma, 15 Sept 2020

Sam Prigmore & Fran Beresford – Transition to adult care

Webinar Slides

AskAboutAsthma 2020 – In the time of Covid-19, 16 Sept 2020

Virtual Conference – AskAboutAsthma in the time of Covid-19

Webinar Slides

How specialist nurses can support 3 asks and improve asthma care across the system, 17 Sept 2020

Tori Hadaway – How specialist nurses can support 3 asks

Webinar Slides

Why is good primary care essential for children and young people’s asthma, 18 Sept 2020

Julia Moody and Ren Lawlor – Why is good primary care essential

Webinar Slides


Webinar one: Transforming care across the system: asthma toolkit for children and young people – Sara Nelson and Richard Iles

Webinar two: The role of community pharmacy in asthma management – Donal Markey, Richard Goodwin and Finlay Royle

Webinar three: The Asthma Life Improver Score improving outcomes for families living with asthma – Georgina Craig and questions

Webinar four:  Severe Asthma Dr Louise Fleming and questions

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