Presentations to support you to develop your workforce and improve schools for care of children and young people with asthma

If we are to achieve the goal of improved asthma care and integration of services we need to commission a different shape of health services. We will need to commission school nursing to deliver asthma friendly schools. In each locality there should be specialist asthma clinics for children and young people running after school hours to work with, and support GPs, children with asthma, and their families.

Paediatric specialist nurses will work with their named network of practice leads, named school nurses and with named consultants in secondary and tertiary care to ensure that whatever the medical, educational, social or emotional needs the children and young people may have, they can be met quickly in a form that is acceptable to the child or young person without fear of stigmatisation.

Job description for paediatric asthma nurse

Education slides introduction

Islington asthma presentation

Teaching wheeze and asthma

Whittington asthma education slides 

Please use the commissioning and primary care sections for additional example slides that will help you run education programmes for your workforce.

Please find free online training courses here:

For recognised diploma level training – Education for health

On line education

Supporting Children’s Health is a free online resource. It is a public access site with content developed by expert health professionals in consultation with teachers, sports coaches and children’s activity leaders. Anyone who uses the resource will gain the knowledge and confidence to support children with asthma, deal with emergency situations and could help save lives.

The resource was created by Education for Health, working in conjunction with The George Coller Memorial Fund. Education for Health is a charity with 30 years of experience of providing education, training courses and resources for Health Care Professionals to support patients with long term medical conditions. The George Coller Memorial Fund is a children’s charity launched in 2000 with the aim of raising awareness of asthma and improving healthcare provision for all children suffering with the condition.


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