Schools play a major role in ensuring a safe environment for children and young people with asthma. This section includes guidance and practical resources to support teachers and school nurses to care for children with asthma.

London schools guide

Healthy London Partnership, in conjunction with the asthma friendly team in Islington, has produced a guide to enable schools to manage children and young people with asthma effectively in the pre-school, early years, primary and secondary school setting.

Download the schools guide

Download the Supply of Salbutamol Inhalers to Schools Pharmacy Guide


More resources

Hillingdon Hospital have developed a form for schools which they submit on a monthly basis to provide information about their asthmatic children and young people. A comprehensive integrated pathway and appropriate infrastructure is in place taking action on the information submitted.

North East London resources asking schools to support children with asthma

Asthma/wheeze checklist for schools (Tower Hamlets School Health Service)

Asthma review GP letter (Tower Hamlets School Health Service)

Other example school policies are available via Asthma UK

Background information about the Asthma Friendly Schools is available from a presentation from Nickola Rickard

The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is an organisation made up of 30 organisations and charities that provide a range of guidance and tools for school online

Schools are legally required to have a medical conditions policy in place for children with asthma. Find out more on the Department of Health’s website

Healthy London Partnership guidance – Supply of Salbutamol Inhalers to Schools this example letter from NEL for distribution to schools in BHR encourages understanding and uptake of the standards associated with salbutamol in schools

The Education for Health Charity has a range of online resources for raising awareness on how to support children and young people with asthma

Whittington Health and NHS Islington Clinical Commissioning Group has developed a School Asthma Plan that could be adapted and used 

What to do in an emergency – POSTER

What to do in an asthma attack – POSTER

Asthma update for schools (October 2019)


Videos and interactive resources

Greater Manchester Inhaler Technique Improvement Innovation Project

NHS choices asthma in children

American Sign Language video; Information about Asthma

What is asthma? by Dr. Alex Thomas

What to do in an Emergency kids with asthma by Dr Alex Thomas

Dr Ranj Singh uses Peppa Pig to help treat a young boy suffering an Asthma Attack


Case study

St-Georges-Hospital- Emergency-Asthma Bags-case-study

This case study details how the team at St George’s hospital in Tooting have put together an emergency kit that could save the lives of children and young people who suffer a severe asthma attack at school. The emergency asthma bags have been sent to all primary and secondary schools in Wandsworth and Merton.


Asthma board game

Queen Mary University of London has produced an asthma board game and app, complete with triggers. Please click here to access a variety of resources. For more information, please contact Dr. Gioia Mosler or Katherine Harris


Inspiration from international initiatives

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