Flu immunisation

This page contains advice for pharmacists about preventing asthma by managing flu immunisation

All children with asthma who are six months and older should have a flu vaccine every year.

Flu immunisation  Read the advice from Asthma UK 

Flu vaccines in London pharmacies

London has been a pioneer in pharmacy based NHS immunisation services with over 67% of pharmacies in the capital participating and services is set to continue in 2016/17 campaign in London.

In 2015/16 the London NHS flu vaccination s ervice in pharmacies was available to children and young over four years of age. This is expected to be the case in the 2016/17. Patients with asthma are a target group to receive a flu vaccine. Parental consent will apply as normal for young children as will a competency test for older children and young people in London

Flu immunisation  Read the competency guidelines produced by the NSPCC

The flu vaccine can now be administered nasally to children aged over two years. This option is being phased into NHS flu vaccination services for children and young people.

Flu immunisation  General information is available on The electronic Medicines Compendium at medicines.org 

Flu immunisation  Staff can find out more through an online portal

Flu immunisation  Patients can learn more about the benefits of the flu jab

Flu immunisation  Flu fact sheet for staff 

Flu immunisation  London flu fact sheet for staff

Please use this graphic to determine which flu vaccine a child should have.

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