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It is important that children and young people with asthma, and their families, understand the condition. Their doctor or nurse should provide information and support about asthma. Children and young people should receive regular asthma education, either in school or via their GP.

Resources and support are available to parents and carers wanting to find out more about asthma and help their child learn to understand their asthma.

Education and resources  There’s a wealth of information, support and practical tips on Asthma UK’s web section dedicated to parents looking after children with asthma. It’s been created with asthma clinicians and parents to answer the most common and thorny questions. There’s information on everything from using inhalers and medicines, to getting a diagnosis, dealing with disrupted sleep, to talking to your child’s school.

Education and resources  You can download free PDF resources – such as the Asthma and my Child booklet, and a Child Asthma Action Plan.

Education and resources  Parents can chat to friendly expert asthma nurses on the free Asthma UK Helpline by calling 0300 222 5800 Monday to Friday 9-5. They can chat to other parents in the discussion forum. They can also sign up to a monthly email newsletter. By ticking that they are parents in the ‘preference centre’ they will get more tailored tips and ideas.

Education and resources Asthma innovation and Research team run a schools programme providing asthma education through training medical students. They have also developed some useful resources for children including the Asthmanauts comic book intending to help children with asthma learn more about their condition and how to use their inhalers. Parents and carers can help their child complete the comic book.

Education and resources The Asthma Control Test provides a score to help parents, young people and their clinicians manage their care.

Organisations and websites

Education and resources  Speak to an asthma nurse specialist on their helpline at 0300 222 5800. Follow Asthma UK on Facebook and Twitter.

Education and resources  British Lung Foundation – You can call their helpline on 03000 030 555. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Resources on NHS choices website

Educational and informative videos

National Institute for Health Research

Other interesting online journals and research




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