This section is intended for clinicians caring for children with asthma in a hospital or tertiary care setting. It outlines examples of best practice in the assessment, treatment and ongoing management of children and young people with asthma in an acute setting. (It will help you achieve standards 20, 23, 26 and 32)

As outlined in NICE quality standards, a structured assessment and review should be undertaken before discharge.

Discharge  Discharging following an emergency presentation guide – Whittington Health

Discharge  Ward round discharge checklist

Discharge Asthma care bundle for discharge from A&E/emergency departments for an acute asthma attack – British Thoracic Society 

Discharge  Discharge pack from Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Austraila


Some reviews and assessments take place elsewhere on the hospital campus or in other clinical settings. NHS Whittington Trust has shared its pre clinic letter and the clinic pro forma template online.

Discharge  Pre-clinic letter

Discharge  Pre-clinic pro forma template


Useful mental health resources  This list includes useful mental health resources for supporting children and young people who have anxiety associated with their asthma.


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