What to do if your child is having an asthma attack

An asthma attack happens when a child can’t get enough air into their lungs, they may cough and wheeze. The checklist below will help you understand what is happening and what action to take.

  • Stay with them and send someone to get their spacer and inhaler.
  • Reassure your child and try to keep them calm.
  • Sit them up and slightly forward.
  • Spray one puff of their inhaler and then get them to take five breaths.
  • Get them to repeat this up to 10 times if needed.
  • If there is no improvement, call an ambulance.
  • If the ambulance hasn’t arrived and they are still short of breath repeat the steps above.
  • Get expert advice to help your child get better faster with Asthma UK’s Asthma Attack Recovery Plan for Children.


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