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Homeless health resources

Many local, regional and national services work to support people who are homeless, including support with finding emergency housing and protecting anyone at risk of abuse, harm or neglect.

NHS staff can support patients who are homeless by signposting them to these services or putting patients in touch through a direct referral. Frontline NHS staff in London told us that they would welcome having information on services in one place, as it was often difficult to find services for patients or to know which services to signpost them to.


World Homeless Day 2021 – awareness toolkit

World Homeless Day takes place on October 10th. This annual campaign aims to educate people about homeless issues, celebrate and support good practice happening locally, and highlight local issues.

To mark this day, HLP has updated produced an awareness toolkit to highlight the links between homelessness and health. Also to signpost to the services and providers which help to support people experiencing homelessness in London.

London Health Podcast monthly episodes on homelessness

Each month the HLP Homeless Health team will be releasing a new podcast episode to help debunk myths about homelessness and homeless health through minimal jargon and honest conversations.

This series is open to all: for health and care workers who don’t always work with people experiencing homelessness, individuals and teams providing homelessness support, and for anyone else out there who wants to learn a bit more about homeless health.

Homeless health resource pack

Our resource pack (updated September 2021) aims to bring together information on homelessness services to make it easier for frontline NHS staff and others to find the right support for people who are homeless.

The pack also includes information for commissioners, as well as details on the health needs of people who are homeless and their rights to health services.

The pack includes sections on:

  • what to do when discharging a patient who is homeless from hospital
  • where to find help with emergency housing
  • where to find help for anyone who you believe is unsafe or at risk of abuse, harm or neglect
  • where to get help if you believe a patient is sleeping rough
  • how to find out what services or help is available in your area
  • information about services that can support people whose immigration status means they have no recourse to public funds.


We welcome feedback on the resource and will update it from time to time. If you have any comments please the Homeless Health team.

See also our ‘My right to access healthcare’ cards.

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