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How to use the Great Weight Debate resources

The Great Weight Debate ‘engagement resources’ and ‘communications toolkit’ have been developed to support boroughs to talk to their residents about childhood obesity. They have been developed with input from borough obesity leads about what kind of resources they would welcome.

Apart from the ‘Great Weight Debate’ image we have not included any branding on the materials as we anticipated boroughs would want to use their own branding.

We would suggest borough obesity leads use the ‘checklist’ in the ‘engagement resources pack’ which sets out how each of the resources can be used.  We recognise boroughs may not be able to use of all the resources, for example if they are unable to hold a Great Weight Debate themselves.

Boroughs are free to amend the materials as they wish, for example to localise materials to include borough level statistics or examples of positive work being done.

Any borough wanting support to promote the Great Weight Debate should contact <a href=””></a> at the Healthy London Partnership communications team.

<strong><u>List of engagement resources:</u></strong>
<li>Briefing on key childhood obesity stats in London and GWD key messages – for background and to ensure all GWD messaging is consistent. Please feel free to use your own childhood obesity statistics if you wish.</li>
<li>GWD template power point presentation – please feel free to use this presentation in focus groups or in borough existing meetings (please amend as you see fit to suit your audience)</li>
<li>How to hold a great weight debate guide – this sets out how boroughs can hold a Great Weight Debate in their area and includes supporting power point slides</li>
<li>How to hold a great weight debate hackathon guide – this sets out how boroughs can hold a hackathon in their borough</li>
<li>Conversation starters for boroughs – to use with residents in face to face meetings</li>
<li>GWD survey to gather Londoners views on childhood obesity – we have included a the survey link for boroughs to share online and in newsletters and a word version of the survey for boroughs to print off and give to residents to complete (please note boroughs would need to input any written survey responses into the online survey)</li>
<li>Template Healthwatch letter – for boroughs to send to their local Healthwatch inviting them to share the survey with their networks and get involved</li>
<li>Great Weight Debate report and summary report from initial GWD event – for background and use as needed.</li>

<strong><u>List of communications resources</u></strong>
<li>Template media release – for boroughs to send out to their local media (ideally at the same time as pan-london launch)</li>
<li>Template GWD story for borough websites</li>
<li>Template copy to use in borough stakeholder newsletters</li>
<li>GWD JPEG image – to use as necessary</li>
<li>JPEG banner – to go on borough websites and link to the survey</li>
<li>Suggested tweets – for boroughs to tweet out</li>
<li>Infographics – to send out as tweets and to use any other way boroughs wish</li>
<li>Link to all the GWD films we have produced – for boroughs to use as they wish, for example tweet, use in presentations etc.</li>



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