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In focus – A city for all Londoners

On 24 October 2016, the Greater London Authority released a document outlining the ambitions that Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has for the capital.

‘A City for All Londoners’ aims to set the tone for the Mayor’s strategies in terms of the challenges London faces nowadays and in the future. It includes remarks about health in the city, the NHS and the Mayor’s role in the health economy.

The document is the Mayor’s statement of intent for London. It sets out a direction of travel that he will expand on in detailed strategies over the coming months and years. Future strategies anticipated are on land use and growth, transport, housing, economic development, the environment, policing and crime, culture and health inequalities.

The Mayor states clearly that London needs to find ways to improve residents’ health. He sees difficulties as the exceptional population growth; changing lifestyles and increasing financial pressure on the NHS. Health and the NHS are addressed in several areas in the report.