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Enhanced primary care-led prostate cancer follow-up service

The numbers of people living with and beyond a diagnosis of cancer continue to increase as our population ages with four million people expected to survive their cancer by 2030. Consequently, primary care is becoming a suitable alternative to provide long term support for people affected by cancer.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence states that stable at two years after radical treatment and patients who are undergoing watchful waiting should be offered follow-up outside of hospital in an appropriate setting (NICE Prostate Cancer: CG175 2014). Alternative models must to be safe, improve patient outcomes, cost effective and sustainable.

The aim of the enhanced model in Croydon CCG is to develop and test a holistic follow-up service that is catered to the physical and emotional well-being of patients. It intended to improve follow-up processes and shift care from secondary to primary care. In addition to delivering test results closer to home, the service ensures that with the right information, patients are fully supported toward self-management.

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