Influenza (Flu)

Flu Outbreak Standard Operating Procedure

In London, several stakeholders have agreed a Flu Outbreak Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Care Homes during a Covid-19 pandemic. The resource provides information on what the Care Home needs to do if they are concerned they have a Flu Outbreak in the home and how to respond to a suspected outbreak of influenza-like illness.

Download the SOP and supporting documents.

Guidance on outbreaks of influenza in care homes: Simple guidance about how to prevent the spread of infection including effective hand washing.

Never underestimate the flu…

In 2017 a care home in Sutton experienced a flu outbreak in their home. This short film based on true events, shows the impact of the flu outbreak to staff and residents at the home.

This long version is most suited to team meetings and this short version is for social media.

Facts about Flu

  • Catching flu can be serious. The Health Foundation has estimated that “in a bad flu year on average around 30,000” UK deaths are linked to flu and pneumonia
  • Research from Public Health England, found that patients with Covid-19 and flu virus coinfection were around twice as likely to die, than people infected with either Covid-19 or flu.
  • You can have flu without any symptoms and pass it on to residents, family and friends, many of whom may be at increased risk of flu.
  • There is good evidence that the vaccine reduces the amount of severe illness and helps stop people needing to be in hospital.
  • Sometimes side effects of the vaccine can mimic mild flu like symptoms, but these are short lived. The vaccine cannot give you flu and is continually tested and monitored.

For more facts about flu and the vaccine visit the NHS website.

Flu vaccinations

The NHS is now offering free influenza vaccinations for all care workers, which you can find out more about here.

My Vaccinations: staff can search for their local pharmacy to arrange their free flu vaccination.

A guide to myth-busting the flu and flu vaccine can be found here

National flu campaign resources

A brand new free and publicly available flu and winter vaccinations campaign for health and social care workers has been launched, focussing on staff getting their vaccinations to boost their immunity.

The campaign emphasises the protective benefit of the flu vaccination as a way to boost your immunity, with the message to take care of others by taking care of yourself. If you work in the community, it’s time to get you annual flu jab.

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