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Cancer care review tools

Materials for clinical commissioning groups (CCGS ) and primary care providers to implement cancer care reviews for people living with and beyond cancer.

Someone recently diagnosed with cancer will present at primary and secondary care with increased physical and psychological needs. They may also experience the effects of treatment years after having it. For many people, cancer will become a long-term condition that needs managing.

Four-point model for holistic cancer care reviews-cancer as a long-term condition

Our Transforming Cancer Services Team has developed a four-point model for cancer as a long-term condition. It is endorsed by the London Cancer Clinical Leads Advisory Group, London Cancer Commissioning Board and the Londonwide Local Medical Committee.

There is a strong case for change in managing cancer as a long-term condition:

  • One in two people born after 1960 will get cancer sometime in their lifetime.
  • There were 223,500 people living with and beyond cancer in London in 2013.
  • While more people are living longer following a diagnosis, they are not necessarily living in good health.
  • 70% of people with cancer are estimated to have at least one other long-term condition.
  • 15 months after a cancer diagnosis, cancer patients are more likely to use emergency care and be admitted into hospital than other patients.
  • The 2015 National Cancer Experience Survey showed that London based clinical commissioning groups fall considerably short of the best in England (and lag behind England’s average) on questions relating to the support patients received from their GP.

This guide is part of the work of a task and finish group established in February 2015 to take forward a work stream for ‘cancer as a long-term condition’. The groups consists of patients and healthcare professionals from primary and secondary care from the pan-London Living with and Beyond Cancer Board.

Cancer care review (CCR) business case

A template business case to support London’s sustainability and transformation partnerships and CCGs in implementing the four-point model for cancer care reviews. Commissioners can use it to create a business case for their board recommending introducing the four-point model.  It is includes a sample local incentive scheme; a holistic cancer care review; a sample service specification; patient letters and a template to conduct holistic cancer care reviews. For more support, please contact using the subject line ‘4-point model’.

Transforming primary care for people living with and beyond cancer events

A summary of the ‘transforming primary care for people living with and beyond cancer‘ session (October 2017) we held for primary care providers is also available.

Guidance on clinical coding of cancer patients in primary care

The guidance on clinical coding of cancer patients in primary care provides a comparative analysis of national Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) practice register data with the National Cancer Registration & Analysis Service (NCRAS) prevalence data between 2003 and 2017.

Commissioning and delivery toolkit for cancer as a long-term condition

The commissioning and delivery toolkit for cancer as a long-term condition aims to provide STP cancer leads a mechanism to develop a business case to support cancer patients as part of long term conditions. We know that people experience effects of treatment years after receiving it. It is for these reasons that for a large proportion of people who get cancer, it will become a long term condition that needs managing.

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