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A&E avoidance schemes across London

A review of 10 good practice examples of London’s A&E avoidance schemes. It highlights where A&E avoidance schemes have been developed and their related impact.

We found that many initiatives are now in place to avoidance admission and expedite hospital discharge. All are having various positive impacts ranging from quantifiable admission reductions, saving bed days, and reducing costs. Initiatives varied with many taking a targeted approach of focusing on avoiding specific patient types from being admitted. Despite the diversity of approaches, many shared similar characteristics, especially rapid response teams and see and treat models. Clear pathways for ambulance services were often absent which impacted on activities and delays.

The review looks at case studies and their key quantified impact. It is important to note that as this is a rapid review, it is not systematic and does not cover all existing initiatives and data on the subject. Rather it pulls out some key examples to share learning and provide good practice guides.


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